AOTY 2023
Brent Faiyaz - Larger Than Life
Brent Faiyaz’s latest outing “Larger Than Life” is definitely more of a vibes album, which Brent’s silky smooth vocals are far from beyond creating, but throughout the entirety of the record he finds himself sacrificing the character and punch of “Wasteland” to achieve such.

Best Tracks: Best Time, Moment Of Your Life, Pistachios
Worst Tracks: Forever Yours, Upset, On This Side

Laufey - Bewitched
Started dozing off to this so midway through I decided to put on some Uzi and my God did that shit kick me back into gear.

However callous it may be, you know there's problems when my experience listening to "Bewitched" is a greater reminder of how fucking sick Uzi can be than how nice Laufey's voice is. Because that shit is nice, there's no denying that, and she is incredibly talented, there's no denying that, but the stale lyricism and the inflexible, samey production choices over ... read more

Reverend Kristin Michael Hayter - SAVED!
Finna do a brief one for this one.

Filled to the brim with pungency, the clear sonic progression that Kristin Hayter flaunts over "SAVED!" shows that her progression in her career far supersedes a mere moniker change. An enchanting and wholly riveting fusion of avant-folk and gospel elements, Reverend Kristin Michael Hayter neglects the sheer hopelessness prevalent in her works under the Lingua Ignota name in exchange for something that, whilst still effectively haunting, highlights ... read more

Sampha - Lahai
Holy shit, thissa HOT, HOT TAKE...

...and this finna PISS MAN OFF.

But this is how I genuinely felt about this. This didn't hit nearly as hard as I wished it would.

Sampha's talent is indubitable; there is no two ways about it. His voice is smooth as silk and, in most cases, he simply seems to meld into the instrumentals that flow beneath him. Every feature of his has been fantastic, so all the stars seemed to be aligned for "Lahai", a record that marked the Brit's first record in ... read more

Avenade - Our Raging God Unknown to Us
It's at the point where I genuinely don't think I'm stretching it when I say Avenade's first three albums may be one of the ten greatest three album runs ever.

Illinois-based noise rocker Avenade simply does not know how to make a bad album, and it's just as obvious as ever on "Our Raging God Unknown to Us", a shining star of the genre's capabilities and range. Encompassing a range of moods, anything from pure fear, to pure fright, to pure melancholy, the record shows as much ... read more

Drake - For All The Dogs
It's the same shit every time. Drake announces an album, the hype goes through the roof, I get pulled in to the hype, and then I have to bear with a long ass, mid ass album packed with more filler than substance. "For All The Dogs" plays into a frustratingly hackneyed narrative with Drake's recent slate of releases, but, to really rub salt in the wound, this record boasted the greatest potential of all those releases. I mean, Drizzy came out the gates HUNGRY, and the results were ... read more
Sufjan Stevens - Javelin
Before getting things rolling, I just wanna thank you all immensely for 500 followers. Half a K is CRAZY and I feel so grateful that I have received so much love and support for these shitty ass reviews over the past couple years. I’ll prolly do a longer review some time soon to celebrate it, just gotta find the time.

“Javelin” was one of my most hyped albums of the year, and by no metric whatsoever did it disappoint. The record is a triumphant culmination of all that Sufjan ... read more

Anderson .Paak - Malibu
Fun little record this one. Could've benefit from a little trimming here and there, but, all in all, "Malibu" is a wonderfully dextrous record that marvellously encapsulates Anderson .Paak's talents not only as a vocalist, but also an instrumentalist. Whether it be a more soulful angle or a funk-driven one, Paak's atmospheric understanding and clear vision for the record simply seep through every crevice of every track, giving the experience as a whole so much texture and avenues to ... read more
Joey Valence & Brae - PUNK TACTICS
An absolute bundle of fun this one. As far as the Beastie Boys' infectious, give-no-fucks, fun as all hell sound goes, Joey Valence & Brae seem to be the ones carrying the torch as of now, and boy do they honour it over "PUNK TACTICS". Filled with heavy-hitting rap-rock beats, clever and, at points, really intricately written tracks and personality that seeps through every single crevice of the record, Joey Valence & Brae promise nothing but good times. Whilst the misses can, ... read more
Travis Scott - UTOPIA
After what feels like ages, Travis Scott is finally back. "UTOPIA", despite being in some sort of developmental hell given how long ago it was announced and all the shit that's gone on in Travis' life since said announcement, still turned out great. Driven by its psychedelia and bold production choices, Travis tackles the project with a bold, ambitious lens, delving into territories that he has yet to explore in his illustrious career. Although he may wear his influences on his ... read more
Lil Uzi Vert - Pink Tape
EDIT: This a grower fosure. Yes, songs like "CS" still suck, but fuck this thing is awesome.

I can see what Uzi was tryna do with this one, and, on occasion, they truly delivered tracks that were dynamic, creative and, resultantly, seriously exciting over “Pink Tape”. Unfortunately, for every one of these almost textbook LUV great times, there was a song that fell flat on its face due to, ironically, its inability to create memorable moments. If “Pink Tape” ... read more

Swans - The Beggar
“Death is real…”

When Phil Elverum uttered those opening words on what would come to be his most heartfelt release and perhaps the shining star of his illustrious career “A Crow Looked At Me”, the simple statement seemed to pertain a whole new world of lyrical avenues, those that never feigned from exploring the deepest recesses of the artist’s emotion. And the results were painful, gruelling, raw, triumphant, poignant and, most of all, pure.

So, when I ... read more

100 gecs - 10,000 gecs
This would go hard if it was 2014 and I was 13 years old binge watching MLG memes and the brain rot that era pertained until the days end.

Best Tracks: 757, Hollywood Baby, mememe
Worst Tracks: Doritos & Fritos, Billy Knows Jamie, One Million Dollars

Queens of the Stone Age - In Times New Roman...
So I've decided to return to music reviewing because...well, I missed it, and I was really enjoying my time on this site back when I was using it every day/every other day. So, although I've had it in my bio for like a year, I think I can finally say...we back.

And what better way to start by slagging off one of AOTY's favourite rock bands.

Queens of the Stone Age have built a reputation over their tenure as one of indie rock's strongest acts: a quintet that never fails to deliver heavy ... read more

Souza & M27 - Before The Beginning
Before I get started on this shi, I wanna thank @BruhMan for letting me in the loop on this EP. Even though I haven't been as active on here as of late, I always appreciate when people come to me asking for my feedback on their music, and, if I'm free, I'll always try and find the time to check it out. And, as a message to BruhMan and M27, no matter why I or any other person say about this EP (it's simply tough love, I think I can speak for all of us when we say we ain't hatin), don't lose ... read more
Lana Del Rey - Did you know that there's a tunnel under Ocean Blvd
If there is a running theme throughout Lana Del Rey’s decorated career thus far, it is that her sonic and lyrical pride comes through her ability to be aesthetically and thematically be herself on a consistent basis. Every instrumental she touches she seems to infuse with a sensuous vulnerability, but also defiant strength and prowess. Perhaps even more than ever is this the case for “Did you know there’s a tunnel under Ocean Blvd”, where at each and every moment Lana ... read more
We back. It’s like the return of the king, but the return of the cunt that no one asked for. But when there’s new Danny, Peggy and Lana on THE SAME DAY fam, y’all know I can’t be missing that shit.

Appropriately titled “SCARING THE HOES”, Peggy and Danny don’t give a fuck about what you think on their new collab album, going full bore on the experimental production and offbeat flows. Even within each of their discographies, this ain’t like ... read more

So, it's no doubt that SZA's sophomore album has been a long time coming. After finding a plethora of success in her tightly-produced and vocally triumphant debut "CTRL", at face value, SZA seems to have devoted the past five years to creating a more epic, sonically eclectic and complete exhibition of her vocal talents on "SOS". This twenty-three-track juggernaut seems to drop some of its predecessor's most admirable qualities in exchange for an increased magnitude. Rather ... read more
Quadeca - I Didn't Mean To Haunt You
Sorry for everyone who liked reading my shitty ass reviews; I had an exam period and had to take a short break from the site because of it. Anyways, we back now.

One of the albums that made the greatest waves over my hiatus from the site parallels what is perhaps one of the greatest redemption stories in recent musical history. Escaping the clutches of the hogwash of mediocre YouTube rap, over the past several years Quadeca has made a frankly breathtaking evolution into one of the most ... read more

Brent Faiyaz - WASTELAND
Sheesh, this my first review in a minute. Going's been tough, but it feels nice to be writing another one of these. Now, Brent Faiyaz is an artist I've had pretty mixed feelings on in the past. Whilst I didn't think much of his EP "Fuck The World", some of his recent singles, several of which appear on this project, have indicated a change for the better in the Californian's sound and discography, and Brent's newest venture "WASTELAND" definitely continues in that same vein. ... read more
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