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I'm finally back to reviewing after what feels like forever, but I was mad busy, like mad busy. Good thing is now, I got pretty much NOTHING, so you already know I'm gonna get back to listening to new albums and that. Anyhow, I decided to kick things off with Lil B, the BasedGod, one of the most vocal voices in the cloud rap scene. I've evaded his records in the past because of their length, and this is no different clocking in at a hefty 87 minutes, but today I felt it was time and, well, I ... read more
biglasagnayeet -
Adele is back after how many years, and I reckon everybody's happy about it, to a certain degree. Especially from a more mainstream perspective, her presence has been missing for ages, and with "30", that gap has been filled once more. Featuring a myriad of tracks that delve deep into Adele's emotions, the record promises to be the British artist's most personal project to date, making a statement like nothing else she's done prior. Whilst it definitely makes new ground with the ... read more
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I think I've been told to hear this for legitimate months, so I finally checked it out and, it's definitely an experience. Dr. John's "Gris-Gris" is a psychedelic experience like no other, settling into the who psych rock trend of the 1960s without ever getting too comfortable. Instead, the late Louisianan infuses things with a Southern and freak-folkish touch (one that, at some points, ventured into Exuma S/T territory), one that only makes things more immersive. The vocals are ... read more
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IDLES have already established themselves as one the hardest hitters in the art-rock landscape. Their sound is unrelenting, Joe Talbot's vocals are harrowing, their lyrics are just as brutal as their sound. But, despite this, the band is fearless in their direction, constantly reinventing themselves so their sound never grows stale. The British band's latest release "CRAWLER" is no exception, possessing a more meditative angle to their trademark grit and weight. Joe Talbot's vocals ... read more
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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to "An Evening with Silk Sonic", an experience that promises to be one of the coolest retro throwbacks the year has to offer. Featuring the infectious swagger of Anderson .Paak and Bruno Mars' suave characteristics, it's one hell of a time, a perfect blend of old and new styles, an incredible display of seamless chemistry and, most importantly, an instant mood lightener. Come in, take a seat, and enjoy the ride; it truly is a brilliant time.

I loved ... read more
biglasagnayeet -
The most impressive thing about Salvia Palth's "melanchole" is that Daniel Johaan, the person behind the monicker, was FIFTEEN YEARS OLD when this dropped. So, right off the bat, I gotta say, I really respect this project. If anyone's fifteen and dropping music of this quality, then they instantly become a one to watch, which in this case is a shame considering the Salvia Palth name never went anywhere after this. Shrouded in dreamy lo-fi effects, jading the fundamental acoustics of ... read more
biglasagnayeet -
Had this record on standby for ages, so it's nice to have finally have gotten around to it. Scottish indietronica trio Young Fathers, on their third record "Cocoa Sugar", come through with a project chock-filled of tracks that, much like the foods in its title, are short, sweet and an absolute delight. The flows balance between a more accessible sound and a tone that's uniquely Young Fathers'. For the most part, the balance is struck just right, and the result is an absolute banger. ... read more
biglasagnayeet -
Since it dropped, I've wanted to hear the new Limp Bizkit record so much, but I've just never found the time. Well, now I have, and, for the first time I've heard ever, it's actually not bad. Over the years, the Fred Durst helmed band has built up a reputation of being one of the worst to ever hit the stage, and what makes "STILL SUCKS" distinct from the rest of their discog is their ability to embrace that here. Limp Bizkit never feel like they're trying too hard to be cool or edgy; ... read more
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Now, coming into Snail Mail's sophomore record "Valentine", there was some hype, I admit. Even though I wasn't the biggest fan of "Lush", some of the singles were fairly solid, feeling like Lindsey had matured lyrically and added more meat to her sonic bones established on her debut. Now, come the full project, there were a couple of mishaps here and there, but, at the end of the day, it was a progression for Snail Mail's sound, which is fundamentally what I asked for from ... read more
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Life is good right now, or at least as good as it can get. I just finished this super stressful exam that’s been preventing me from doing just about anything for the past week, and what better a reward than a new ABBA album, their first one in 40 YEARS. ABBA needs no introduction at this point; they’re universally known as one of the most beloved quartets of all time and, ever since they completely changed the tides of Eurovision Song Contest history in 1974 with ... read more
biglasagnayeet -
Well, Ed Sheeran has dropped and, what a surprise, it’s another Ed Sheeran album. Whilst it may be a step up from “No.6 Collaborations Project”, that’s not really saying much, as is affirmed by the spineless tracks this record’s plastered in. Going from flaccid lyricism, which makes its comments in the most blatant and unimaginative way possible, to the uninspired instrumentation that feels as if it tries at nothing apart from appeasing conventions, the record, by ... read more
biglasagnayeet -
If "The Lockdown Sessions" is the greatest testament to Elton John's colourful, successful and widely respected career we can get right now, then we're seriously in some rut. Whilst you could argue that the British veteran is well past his peak and that he hasn't dropped anything fantastic since the 70s, but spineless cash grabs like this push that 'post-peak' status a little too far. Clocking in at 65 minutes, this banal drag only offers us 8 new songs (i.e. half the album) and then ... read more
biglasagnayeet -
Damn, Parquet Courts really missed with this one. Comparison with "Wide Awake!" is pretty much inescapable here, considering this is the band's first release since then, and this just paled in comparison in every shape, way and form. The groovy riffs, the punchy, enjoyable vocals, the intricate and meaty contrasts; previously, they were all perfectly in place to create a super enjoyable experience. "Sympathy For Life", on the contrary, was a bore. Every single track ... read more
biglasagnayeet -
The main selling point of JPEGMAFIA's newest LP (aptly titled "LP!") is that it's yet another fantastic showcase of Peggy's insane versatility. Blending glitch hop, cloud rap and, well, basically anything that sounds hard, there are some moments over its forty-nine-minute runtime that slap in just about every way imaginable. Peggy sounds dynamic, punchy, forward and, most of all, in his fucking element. Once this man's on a roll, there's no stopping him, and some of the flows over ... read more
biglasagnayeet -
My hype for “Blue Banisters” was mad high even before the record dropped. Lana Del Rey simply hasn’t missed lately; hell, I even think “Chemtrails Over The Country Club” is one of the year’s best releases so far. So I really hoped that Lana would continue the trend with this one and, well…she definitely did. Layered in so many beautiful textures, stapled with Lana’s signature sound at its finest, this record doesn’t hold back for a second, ... read more
biglasagnayeet -
If you want a visual depiction of the mood of "Wide Awake!", look no further than the album cover because, well, those three guys, they vibin. From front to back, this thing is filled with post-punk bangers that really bring you to your feet. They're fairly accessible, but they're all packed with this buoyant energy that makes it danceable and, at its peaks, infectious. I can see why people love this album to death and, although I liked this and had a solid time hearing it, I can't ... read more
biglasagnayeet -
"Ultraviolence" was, I feel I can see, the first quintessentially Lana Del Rey Lana Del Rey album, the first one where, lyrically and musically, the nostalgic, greaser ballads that we've all come to know and love her for materialised. It's also her most polarising record, as she is definitely at her most forward lyrically, and she hammers on the same sonic beats repeatedly, but I'd be lying if I didn't find it incredibly alluring and, especially early on, a great reflection of the ... read more
biglasagnayeet -
After a long time waiting, Young Thug's "Punk" is finally here and, unfortunately, it's pretty mid. Boasting a runtime that's far too long for its own good and only a couple of highlights in an ocean of filler, the experience overall was pretty boring, and when Young Thug of all rappers is making a boring album, you know there's a problem. I'm not going to say that I don't understand the appeal of this record; it's definitely the most personal Thugger project I've heard. The title may ... read more
biglasagnayeet -
Coldplay's a band that, over the past few years, has had a pretty interesting career, albeit quite a successful one. Always boasting the same vibrant sound that, even though it stuck to conventions, slapped when it slapped, they proved themselves to be a band that made comfortable, safe tracks that, at their finest, made for a real nice listen. With their newest record, "Music of the Spheres", they aim for the same chord again, adding a more cosmic spin to things this time around. The ... read more
biglasagnayeet -
I love Lil Ugly Mane. "Mista Thug Isolation" is one of my favourite hip hop albums ever made, being infectiously idiosyncratic, punchy and addictive. It's a record that hasn't grown off me a bit since I first heard it, and, in turn, has made me a pretty big Lil Ugly Mane fan. So, to say the least, "Volcanic Bird Enemy And The Voiced Concern" was a welcome drop, one that, as soon as I heard it dropped, I couldn't wait to hear. In terms of the Virginian's discography, this ... read more
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