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I was planning on hearing this yesterday, but after checking out the Donda livestream I got pretty tired and just relaxed before going to bed. Anyhow, I definitely should've given this album the time, because it's actually really solid. Santan Dave's sophomore album "We're All Alone In This Together" is a record that features potent and poignant lyricism, delivering social commentary that hits hard and sounds ground. Whilst the opening half of the record does contain some rough ... read more
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*Just to preface, this is a review of the live event. Thought I'd mention that bc the studio version seemingly hasn't dropped yet*

"Donda", in essence, set itself up as sort of a redemption project for Kanye West. Following the incredible disappointment that was "Jesus Is King", Kanye went to great lengths to create a buzz around this project; hell, he dropped it live with this huge crowd hyping him up. I had really high hopes for "Donda" and, coming out of it, ... read more
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Kenny Mason is a name I've been coming across a fair bit over the last couple of months. An exciting artist on the come-up essentially summarises what I've been hearing, so I decided that I'd have a piece of the pie today and check out what all the excitement is about. "Angelic Hoodrat: Supercut" is most definitely a promising album, one that introduces Kenny as an artist who confidently sports an intriguing blend of Southern hip hop and rock-rap, a blend that forms the basis of this ... read more
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A Boogie Wit da Hoodie is an artist (no pun intended) I haven't heard in like a year or so, I decided today why not return to his material. He just crossed my mind and all of a sudden I felt compelled to do so. After hearing "Hoodie SZN", the New York rapper's most prominent release, I wouldn't have minded if I'd just skipped out on it. Whilst it doesn't do anything sonically that's notably abhorrent, the biggest problem with this record is its length which, for an album that sounds ... read more
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Fela Kuti, a landmark name in the Afrobeat genre, a genre which, prior to this listen, I was completely inexperienced with, delivers some major vibes on "Gentlemen" a half-hour which, in spite of its potentially intimidating track lengths, is a great time front to back. Induced with intoxicating and snazzy production, borrowing influence from both classic, traditional African tunes and more modern and contemporary sounds (for the time), like jazz, Kuti always keeps the music animated ... read more
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Having read the backstory to this album and having seen the high user score, going into Japanese psychedelic rock band Shizuka's final release "Traditional Aesthetic" was something I was highly anticipating at the very least. In terms of overall sound, the record seems to cover it all, ranging from psychedelic passages reminiscent of Jimi Hendrix to harsh noise rock sounds inundated with harrowing guitars. Its versatility keeps it intriguing, even if it does introduce some ... read more
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Big K.R.I.T.'s third LP "4eva Is a Mighty Long Time" is exactly what I was asking for on almost every single level. Over its hour and twenty-five-minute runtime spanning over two discs, K.R.I.T.'s double album is ambitious, consistent, exciting and epic at all times. Ranging from punchy trap bangers to long and thematically impactful conscious hip hop tracks, the album serves as a perfect display of Big K.R.I.T.'s crazy versatility and efficiency as an artist, placing him amongst the ... read more
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I was planning on hearing this yesterday, but I genuinely put this off for a whole ass day, and after hearing it, I feel perfectly vindicated in doing so. Tones And I, who rose to prominence in one of the strangest fashions through "Dance Monkey", a track that I find abhorrent in spite of its popularity, exhibits next to no artistic merit on her debut LP "Welcome To The Madhouse", a forty-four-minute slog chock-filled with safe beats, irritating vocals and cringe lyrics that ... read more
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Pop Smoke's second posthumous release "Faith" starts out with all guns blazing, acting as a testament to the late rapper's fiery persona and gritty flow. Save for a couple of iffy tracks, there's plenty that's to be enjoyed, which really set me up for the best. Unfortunately, as the record progresses, it falls into more and more traps that posthumous releases find themselves in so, by the end, it's nothing more than an average and messy affair. Intro aside, the record's barely been ... read more
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KSI's "All Over the Place" is...yeah, not good at all. All the things that were problematic about "Dissimulation", a lifeless, albeit promising release from the British artist, are still largely prevalent here. But, KSI seems to crank up these problems even more, making it actually a step down from his second release. I mean, the tracks on this project are so, so boring, not leaving their comfort zone for even a second. The beats are incredibly generic and immediately ... read more
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From the very first note of Clairo's second LP "Sling", you can already tell that it very much represents a new chapter in the book of the Atlanta singer-songwriter. With Jack Antonoff on production, accentuating every single emotion in the instrumentally focused tracklist, Clairo sets out to craft her most intimate and personal experience yet with this record, and she does so with pretty great avail. Over this album's forty-four minute runtime, Clairo offers an introspective on her ... read more
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I was going to revisit "Immunity" ahead of "Sling" tomorrow, but I had an issue with Spotify, which honestly scared me, so I couldn't really digest a full project once I got it fixed. That being said, I still wanted to hear a Clairo project to boost the hype, so I ended up revisiting her EP "diary 001", a light project that is comprised of many of her most notable tracks to date. This project doesn't really present much more than comfort music; it's music that's ... read more
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I feel like I heard this a while back, but I never really got around to reviewing it. Anyways, after the Vince Staples S/T, which Kenny Beats had producing credits for, I decided to check out more of Kenny's work, having been more inexperienced with it than I'd perhaps like to admit. Anyhow, having Denzel Curry, one of my favourite rappers at the moment, and Kenny together on a project sounded like a sure-fire hit, however, I was a tad underwhelmed by the time its brief runtime ended. ... read more
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Leonard Cohen is an artist that always centralises his works on his lyricism, acting as a distinctive poet in music history. Boasting a subdued and stripped back folk sound alongside effectively ominous vocal performances, Cohen's strongest attributes are his attempts to completely immerse his audience in his work, and his third album "Songs of Love and Hate" is a great testament to just how good he can be at that. Cohen casts quite the atmosphere over the record, one that made the ... read more
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Aptly titled "So Much Fun", Young Thug's debut LP never feels like it's trying to be a great sonic achievement; instead, it is one that solely lives for the listener's enjoyment. Sonically, Thugger constantly punches at what he does best, but his efficiency at creating a playful atmosphere plentiful with trap bangers makes this record, at its heights, a very solid project reminiscent of albums like "Die Lit". Unfortunately, the record does overstay its welcome by a fair bit, ... read more
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Well, I'm not sleeping tonight.

Despite its reputation for being one of the scariest records ever, synth-punk duo Suicide's self-titled has been on my radar for a while now. Being a relatively short listen, I decided to check it out today as I didn't have much time, and it's a decision I've come to simultaneously love and hate. This record is, without a doubt, like nothing I've heard before, one which has a reputation that speaks for itself. Its brand of minimalism is absolutely chilling, most ... read more
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Being my first venture into the discography of Solange Knowles, I had pretty high anticipation and expectation coming into "When I Get Home", especially given the reputation of Solange's first and family name. There was a lot I was looking forward to, and, unfortunately, the album didn't necessarily answer everything I asked for. Whilst the production is sensual and sleek, many of the melodies on this project, especially, felt quite repetitive, bland and drawn out beyond what was ... read more
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I find it really intriguing that, out of all his projects, Vince Staples chose for this one to be his self-titled. I say that because this record doesn't at all contain the bombastic shades of Staples that have appeared on his past records. The project, instead, is concise and much more subdued, which I actually didn't mind at all. If you come in expecting a "Big Fish Theory" tonally, then you'll probably be disappointed, because this record truly opened my eyes to a new side of ... read more
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"Pink Noise" was my introduction to Laura Mvula, an artist who I'd heard of in the past, yet never really gotten around to. The British artist's third full-length release is one adorned by vibrant and crisp production paired with some decent vocal strings, but, even with all that, I never found myself all that interested in what was going on. I mean, once I'd experienced each track, where Mvula really pushes for this super fun atmosphere, it just sort of faded into the back of my ... read more
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After seeing the Fantano 10 (still can't believe he dished it out), I simply had to make it my priority to check out "The Turning Wheel", the third LP from Spellling, as soon as possible. So I did, and, in all fairness, it's a decent record, but it's not on the level of its elite contemporaries ("You Won't Get What You Want" is my second lowest Fantano 10, which I have at 87). Spellling's greatest achievement on this album is her seamless ability to create an ethereal ... read more
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