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birdseedbaby -
Forever In Your Heart is Peaceful As Hell’s younger emo sibling. While Black Dresses’ previous album was loud and abrasive, it was tinged in this upbeat, peaceful light that preached kindness and acceptance. This new album - which I might add, I was ecstatic to see come out, I thought we weren’t gonna get any more Black Dresses at all - feels more isolated, paranoid, and claustrophobic in comparison.

We open with PEACESIGN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, an electric and energetic start to ... read more

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birdseedbaby -
For the most part, reading the thesaurus page for ‘forgettable’ was more interesting than listening to this album. There are a couple of good, catchy songs, which bring the average up, but there’s also a weird lyric on Right Here that fetishises wlw relationships so it kinda just averages out to a 5/10.

5/10 - Average
Hot: WOW // Ruin My Life
Not: Right Here // Look What You’ve Done
birdseedbaby -
Hey I don’t know what y’all are talking about this is fun as fuck! I’m sitting here with my bros I’m 35 years old drinking beer at 1 pm on a tuesday this shit rips!

I mean this almost sounds like “no homo” as a whole album idk how to explain but the vibes are right there. Maybe it’s just how limp and weak everything sounds, the awkward pop hooks shoved into these faux-metal riffs and screams, everything works against itself to create this laughably ... read more
birdseedbaby -
Fearless is Taylor Swift shedding the innocence and naivety that was present on her debut, and unleashing with impressive pop-country choruses and honest emotional songwriting. Everything good from that first record is still here: the catchy choruses, youthful exuberance, and raw passion and talent, but the boring sappy songs have been purged and replaced with even more of the good. Songs like You Belong With Me and Love Story are some of Taylor’s best to this day, so full of energy and ... read more
birdseedbaby -
White women stop killing me with your sad indie music challenge.

Last year it was Phoebe Bridgers’ Punisher, and this year it’s Julien Baker’s Little Oblivions. While to me this is not as devastating as that record was, it’s still brought me near to tears. Julien’s vocals and songwriting are consistently at the top of their game, frequently referring to mental health issues, self-destructive behaviour, addiction, religion, and hurting loved ones. All these and ... read more
birdseedbaby -
While CHEETAH BEND hosts more than a few bangers on its tracklist, it’s also home to many boring and lifeless songs. The two singles I heard before this album epitomise this perfectly. GET UP, with Danny Brown, is exciting, invigorating, and an undeniable banger, while METAL, the collaboration with SOPHIE, kind of goes nowhere interesting. Songs like TURN, CHEETAH, and NOTICE are all full of life and energy and show Jimmy Edgar’s range of production style, while songs like ZIGZAG ... read more


Feb 6, 2021
hello kong, nice reviews
Jan 21, 2021
funky kong
Jan 12, 2021
funky kong
Dec 24, 2020
Hey:) For a list, what artist do you think had the best/ most promising debut of 2020? Whether it be album , ep, or single who had you the most excited for the future??
Oct 21, 2020
Okay so I've never solicited for a list before, but I had an extra obnoxious idea and I wanted to get other people to contribute to me being obnoxious.

What album makes you think of your dad?
Sep 20, 2020
What's your favorite album to listen in the Fall/Autumn season? It's for a list
Sep 14, 2020
appreciate it <3
Sep 13, 2020
love the reviews!
Sep 10, 2020
Hello fellow Funky Kong


anything with bleep bloops in it is good, but also pitched-up vocals

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8 - great
7 - good
6 - decent
5 - average
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3 - bad
2 - unlikeable
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