Diabarha, Eater Of Sheep & Lysergide - Tritone Paradox
Nov 20, 2022
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if i could time travel back in time to stop mini-bhf from searching up "fastest song ever", i would. for some reason, when i was a young lad, i loved listening to just absolutely crazy extratone. fuck, even a year and a half ago, i searched up "fastest song ever" and i have a top 15 list in my google drive. yet, when i heard that Diabarha had teamed up with Eater of Sheep and Lysergide (two artists i had never heard of until this split LP) to create Tritone Paradox, i just knew i had to listen to it. so, i did, and i thought it was cool. but now, i'm revisiting the album, and i have to say, this is some pretty fucking killer speedcore / extratone.

Tritone Paradox can be separated into three pieces: Diabarha, Eater of Sheep, and Lysergide. each part is widely different than the other, and so i'm gonna write three small paragraphs for each.

Diabarha: Diabarha's contribution is easily the best part of this album. his two songs, "Wave to Ye Olde Times" and "Silverblood", are amazing gabber tracks, and when that signature Diabarha-tone comes in, it's fucking feral. and, on top of that, the instrumentals behind the madness are STILL fucking amazing, just adding to the chaos. 94/100

Eater of Sheep: now, i think around here, the album drops just the tiniest bit in quality. "Tempofascist Doctrine", while still a pretty solid song, has that kind of... goofy(?) introduction that catches me off guard every time. "Watercolour" is some pretty good gabber, and that weird percussive sound in the back captivates me the entire song. "Modafinil" closes out Eater of Sheep's section, and it's a great song. it's more rhythm based than any of the songs before it, and i actually got this song stuck in my head a couple of times. definitely not as good as the first section, but still insanely good. 85/100 (also more songs need to sample a clock because holy shit it works perfectly here.)

Lysergide: the closing artist, Lysergide, is described in the album description as dropping "two profoundly melodic tracks of a dizzyingly high standard." i guess that's true? Lysergide uses much of what i called the Diabarha-tone, just to less success. don't get me wrong though, "The Great Red Dragon" is a great track. it's oddly emotive, even through the blistering tones. the keyboard / guitar (?) does an amazing job throughout the track. the final track is "Slugs Off Her C**t"(call me tame i just don't wanna use that word LMAO). The song, though weirdass title, is another oddly emotive speedcore track. there's that drop that just puts the tone over whatever acid house remix is playing, and that's really it. it's a weird contrast, but one that i don't mind. 79/100

yeah, this album kicks ass. it takes three insanely talented artists and compiles some amazing work. though there are some weak spots, i am fully willing to ignore that. very great album, definitely an accessible (???) entry point for extratone.

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