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The Mars Volta - Amputechture
Mar 15, 2023
Although this may not be as eventful as their past two albums, this album alone still hits hard by itself. While continuing their inventful prog rock sound, we can still hear some of their greatest hits like Viscera Eyes with it's industrial groove and memorable riffs and also Day Of The Baphomets and it's amazing TOOL sounding intro with that amazing bassline at the beginning and throughout and the incredible noise we hear in the song and it's always frantic sounding sound.

We have the incredible long track Tetragrammaton that never gets old despite it being 16 minutes long and has the dissonant sound of King Crimson. I find myself jamming to each section of the song and they transition very well from each part of the song to the next. We also have Meccamputechture with it's amazing vocal intro and that memorable riff with the saxophone and the amazing guitar solos as usual.

I feel that one track that isn't talked about enough is the track Asilos Magdalena which fits as an amazing ballad which has amazing spanish guitar playing and the beautiful vocals by Cedric and how the song later progresses to become very dissonant and the vocals start to become distorted which I thought was a nice tough and transitions very well into Viscera Eyes.

We also can't ignore the intro to the whole album Vicarious Atonement, which to someone might just sound like 7 minutes of experimental noise but it's a quite fitting opener to the album with it's dark noise and the guitar solo played on top of an ominous chord progression, which sounds like you are in space floating around a mysterious abyss (you should listen to it yourself to get what I mean).

An accessable song of the album would be their track Vermicide with it's amazing climax chorus which always sounds satisfying to hear and the buildup that's made with it's mood for each section.

Well hey, it's yet another great album by TMV which helps continue their sound but in a dark matter which doesn't make it entirely bad to listen to. It's nothing too special, but it's still worth giving your attention to if you have listened to their two previous albums.

Favorite Tracks: Vicarious Atonement, Tetragrammaton, Vermicide, Meccamputechture, Asilos Magdalena, Viscera Eyes, Day Of The Baphomets

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