The Mars Volta - Octahedron
Mar 22, 2023 (updated Mar 26, 2023)
The Mars Volta have now decided to take a pop approach to their 5th studio album Octahedron. The result is a 50-minute long progressive rock album but taken with a slower approach and is something that's totally different from their past albums. It's not as good or as bad but just feels like a bit of a mediocre record. It probably just didn't connect with me as much as it has with other people.

We still have some good tracks on here like Cotopaxi which is my personal favorite on here which is probably the only track on here which sounds the closest to their earlier progressive rock albums and Desperate Graves which is a pretty solid song too and sounds memorable with it's hook. Teflon is also pretty good with it's dark sounds that go back to Amputechture, and Since We've Been Wrong is quite a tolerable intro to the album with it's guitar work and seemingly memorable chorus and the buildup it has when the bass and drums comes in. It's hard to tell with the other songs on here. Luciforms is a good closer but not something I'd go back to, Halo of Nembutals sounds exhausting and not something I would really remember, With Twilight as My Guide acts as an ok interlude, and Copernicus is kinda meh and also sounds like a forgettable interlude.

It's the last TMV album to include guitarist John Frusciante and drummer Thomas Pridgen and it sounds like what the band wanted at the time, which is good for them, but it's not an album I would really come back to again and is just a bit mid and not super memorable. I wouldn't dislike you if you liked this album more than me.

Favorite Tracks: Since We've Been Wrong, Teflon, Halo of Nembutals, Cotopaxi, Desperate Graves

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