AOTY 2023
Frank Ocean - Blonde
Never sleep on a Frank Ocean album ya'll.

I think we all already know what's so great about this album. Like damn yeah it's fucking sad but it's also pretty fucking revolutionary too. There's so much to like about this album that I can't list everything but the way Frank Ocean writes and produces his songs is extremely different than other alternative artists like him. Everything about this album is just super tight and yeah this album can sure bring out a lot of you. I will definitely be ... read more

The Velvet Underground - White Light/White Heat
It's just as nerve-racking as their debut album, though it doesn't include Nico anymore which is a real shame but they still did really good on this record even without her. The final track is amazing and it makes sense why it was recorded in one take. I still love the vibes these albums give to me and it feels right only listening to this kind of noise rock music because of it's recordings taking place from the 60's. It kind of adds a unique vintage sound to it on top of the instrument's ... read more
The Smile - Wall Of Eyes
Bending Hectic is on a different level that cant really be achieved by any other song (unless the upcoming album proves that wrong) but it's a really incredible song and really surprised me when it first came out. Wall Of Eyes, while not being as impactful as Bending Hectic, is laid backed a bit while still feeling like The Smile with the string orchestration, Skinner's creative drumming, and all of the weird experimental bits of it (especially at the end). No other band can achieve the sound ... read more
Mandy, Indiana - i've seen a way
Interesting... Pinking Shears is a banger and I like the atmosphere feeling of 2 Stripe and the other songs. Has some cool ideas, and I like how this album was recorded in crypts and caves. Very cool and dark.
Burial - Untrue
Nice album with nice vibes. Don't really have any problems with this album. Just some chill dubstep and ambient tracks. The drums sounds really good and the vocal samples are catchy. Can't go wrong with this one!
John Coltrane - A Love Supreme
This album wasn't lying when it said it was named spiritual jazz...

Amazing and beautiful from beginning to end. Just a stellar piece of work that always maintains to be interesting even at the quiet moments. All of the contributors in this album including Coltrane are great musicians of their own and have inspired jazz and music to come. I cannot identify my favorite in this album. It's broken me but in a great, exciting new way for how I may approach music when playing it next time. Nothing ... read more

First of October - Across the Road
Hate it or love it, you gotta give it to them for making 10 songs in about 12 hours, which may sound easily but requires a LOT of work! Especially speaking from a musician's standpoint, this thing is really impressive for what it is, even though half of the songs are a bit mixed. I also liked how creative Scallon and Huang were in the making of this, adding interesting instrumental additions on each song and their song ideas, especially Scallon having felt really tired while making this which ... read more
King Crimson - Three of a Perfect Pair
I thought this would've been better than Beat but this album really fell off... The first three tracks were absolutely great, with Three of a Perfect Pair being one of my favorite King Crimson songs ever. As the album progressed, I didn't mind the sounds and experimentation of the other tracks but it just kinda remained that way which feels really weird in context of the album. Even Part 3 of Larks' Tongues in Aspic was a bit mid and feels rushly made... Not a good end to their new wave era but ... read more
King Crimson - Discipline
King Crimson's new wave music is just as great as their old art rock stuff. So many iconic tracks on here, especially musically, like Frame By Frame, the nicest ballad that I've heard ever Matte Kudasai, Discipline, and the other schizophrenic songs on here. It's a comeback that certainly blows us King Crimson fans away and there really is a lot to admire about this and the next two new wave records they would release. One thing I don't really hear people talking about is how damn amazing ... read more
Various Artists - No New York
The PERFECT album to start getting into no wave music. This really highlights the pioneers of no wave all coming from new york city and I think all show off great songs that represent what no wave music is. Personally I really enjoyed The Contortions but you are sure to find all kind of fucked up things from all of these bands. Teenage Jesus And The Jerks sounds very draining, Mars sounds like a panic attack, and DNA is just noise. Of course there are other great no wave bands like Swans when ... read more
Swans - Time Is Money (Bastard)
I'm currently on a binge on Swans no wave industrial albums/ep's which I've enjoyed so far and all I really need to listen to left after this is Holy Money and A Screw. I wanted to make a review JUST for this small EP literally just because of the title track. I mean it just slaps so fucking hard it's like the best thing I've heard by them from their industrial era right now. It sounds like I'm listening to Hacker by Death Grips but in the fucking 80's. That's literally it. Sealed In Skin is ... read more
Laufey - Bewitched
There is not one bad track on this album. It's a very enjoyable modern jazz pop record that I could honestly just put on shuffle and still be moved by it. Each track honestly hits hard by listening along with it and can remind us of many different things with the orchestra, guitar, and her vocal work, which is very stunning. This album is most importantly though about love and the lyrics definitely show that in a very sweet way. It's a nice record to dedicate to someone and does not have any ... read more
Hearing Cat Fantastic for the first time was awesome when I discovered this band. I couldn't even notice the band had changed vocalists between Animals and Also hearing the addition of a new bass player playing out more on a TTNG record was nice to hear as well. One thing this album suffers from is consistency, though I'm really glad the band decided to branch out more and experiment with their sound. This album has now some of my new personal favorite TTNG songs as theres much more ... read more
TTNG - Animals
God damn this is some really solid math rock work. TTNG has a unique kind of indie-emo-math rock that you can't really find anywhere else and that's exactly why I LOVE this band. I would be lying if I said the guitarist wasn't the most influential member of the band. The vocalist on this album also sounds really damn beautiful and feels great to hear. The theme of this album is also really nice to see too and I find it really wholesome along with the musical context. I honestly think this album ... read more
Be Your Own Pet - Mommy

Pretty friendly garage rock revival album. Not my kind of thing but there are some pretty good ideas on this song and good riffs too. I just can't stand most of the choruses on here and some lyrics sound corny. The effect on the singers voice (she's fine) is also throwing me off a lot and is on like every song lol. The production is good and the few songs that are good slap a LOT. Ty Quinn for recommending.

Favorite Tracks: Erotomania, Pleasure Seeker

Hail The Sun - Elephantitis
Songs talking about relationships, taking advantage of someone, death, killing someone, and addiction... this EP has got it all!

I remember Eight Ball, Coroner's Pocket being my first exposure to the band and after not listening to them for awhile despite loving this song, I finally decided to listen to the EP the song came from to start off with the band. My first impressions of hearing this EP I was very surprised but I thoroughly enjoyed each track on here! Yes, some lyrics are quite ... read more

The Money Store is for SURE one of the most iconic hip hop albums of all time! This album has some of Death Grips most iconic songs like Get Got, I've Seen Footage, and Hacker which never get tiring to hear. This album also contains some of my favorite songs from them like Lost Boys, Hustle Bones, Punk Weight, and more! The production and sample choice on this album is iconic to hear and is great along with MC Ride's unique vocal style and awesome lyricism! The great chemistry between the three ... read more
AJJ - People Who Can Eat People Are the Luckiest People in the World
My first AJJ album. First impressions? Shocking and amazing. Yeah it's pretty short and the songs are all similar in its fast guitar strumming and anxious vocal work but I mean it's pretty fucking genius what they do on here. I like how incredibly honest the lyrics are and how a lot of this album, especially the vocalist, reminds me of early Modest Mouse albums (which I'm a huge fan of). I'm really just amazed by this album and while other people may not like this kind of folk punk, I'm sure ... read more
Taller Dejao - El Brillo Que Tiene es lo Humano que le Queda
Discovered this band originally in December through a friend. Now visiting back the album it's excellence still upholds with amazing and catchy moments in it. An album made possible with just drums, bass, and vocals creates some very interesting and jammable indie rock. A unexpected but enjoyable listen! And super easy to get into!

Favorite Tracks: Taino, Mirar Tus Manos, Taguito, Al Vuelo, Caminito

Mitski - The Land Is Inhospitable and So Are We
What a beautifully amazing album. This album sounds so nice especially with the choir and orchestra layers on it and along with Mitski's astounding vocal work and lyricism just makes this record feeling really special. I think she really nailed it with this one honestly. Bug Like an Angel surprisingly is the only song I don't like but still sounds as great as the rest of the album. I think Heaven is a personal favorite of mine just cause of it's awesome alt-country sound. Hell yeah to this ... read more
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