Dec 21, 2018*
It is nice to see 21 grow a bit and express some vulnerability. Although there are some songs that feel like filler if you just look at the topic of the song but really they don't feel like filler because those songs are great songs by themselves. Although I wish there are more deep tracks on the album though. Incredibly solid project.

BEST- a lot, break da law, gun smoke, 1.5, all of my friends, can't leave without, asmr, ball w/o you, good day, monster, letter 2 my momma, 4L
Dec 11, 2018
Horrible. I love X but this is just shit. It somehow feels more polished than 17, but feels more unfinished than 17. It doesn't have the same amount of polished that ? had. And it didn't have the cohesiveness and the emotion that 17 had.

BEST- Train food, One Minute, BAD!, Guardian Angel

WORST- every other 1/4 of a song that is on that "album"
Oct 12, 2018
The first 5 tracks of the album was recycled, boring, and forgettable, but the second half was better. It was better but Quavo's verses but were still horrible and boring. This album was entirely saved by it's features.

Best Track- Shine, Workin ME, Champagne Rose, Keep that shit, Fuck 12, Rerun, Lamb Talk, Big Bro, Swing

Bad Tracks- Everything else
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