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of Montreal - Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer?
NOTE: THANKS FOR 800+ FOLLOWERS! To celebrate, I’ll review my favorite album on its 16th birthday. Also, to anyone who sees this, please listen, rate and review this album! It definitely deserves the praise. It’s also upsetting to see this album have about 450 ratings, barely missing the user must-hear list. But I know it’ll happen soon with the help of all my friends and fans! So without further ado, enjoy this review!

“Either you don’t know who of ... read more

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Parquet Courts - American Specialties
At first glance, you may think 'American Specialties' is nothing special. "22 ratings, 67 user score, that fucking album cover, how can this be any good?" you ask. Well, as we've come to learn from albums like 'Let's Start Here.' and 'Born This Way', appearances can be deceiving. This especially applies to 'American Specialties', as it is an unexpected delight of an album: the true debut to Parquet Courts.

Typically, as the first album, there is bound to be a bunch of problems. ... read more

Tyler, The Creator - CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST

‘CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST’ feels like the amalgamation of all Tyler’s previous works, excluding ‘Bastard’ and ‘Goblin’. I mean this in a good way, of course. Good production, eclectic track pool, the entirety of “SWEET / I THOUGHT YOU WANTED TO DANCE”, there’s a lot of good this album does, and we expect this from Tyler by now. Though, I can’t jive with this album without thinking “standard hip-hop ... read more

Tyler, The Creator - IGOR
Coming off the heels of his previous acclaimed album, Tyler needed to outperform himself on ‘IGOR’. Of course, we all know he did just that. I mean, just look at how popular the album is on this website! But, it’s still incredible how groundbreaking this album is: not only for the music industry, but for himself as well.

Last time, we compared ‘Wolf’ to ‘Flower Boy’. Now, let’s compare ‘Flower Boy’ to ‘IGOR’. We already ... read more

ALBUM SWAP #3 - @DJaycup

Before this album swap, ‘GINGER’ was the BROCKHAMPTON album I was most excited for. I’m aware how acclaimed the Saturation trilogy is, but I was intrigued by the album’s warm embrace (mostly thanks to the album cover), so I just had to listen to this. While I wasn’t blown away, I still enjoyed it. From the mellow “NO HALO” to the admittingly hard “BOY BYE”, it was eclectic enough for me to enjoy, but not as ... read more

Squid - O Monolith
Finally, people will start to take Squid seriously! It’s a shame Squid didn’t release an album last year like Black Country, New Road and black midi, but ‘O Monolith’ was well worth the wait. Squid come back with a new style that puts a frown on ‘Bright Green Field’ enjoyers (like myself), but it's more than welcome.

Much like ‘Cavalcade’, ‘O Monolith’ mostly abandons post-punk to hone in on experimental rock. Mellow intros, building ... read more


Heya Bobby! Just wanted to remind you of my list in case you forgot!
Yeah, that's the kind of music I'm mostly looking for. Great pick!
The list is finally out.
Sorry for keeping you waiting! And thank you for your contrubution!
Hi. I'm making my first community list to celebrate my achievement of 100 followers. I was wondering what your 3 most underrated albums of all time and 3 most overrated albums of all time.

I have 53 (could change) AOTY users in this list. I also ask that you please give 1 album or artist recommendation. I will shout you when then the list is complete.
Hey there, Bobby! I am almost at 100 reviews and I thought to myself, what would I review for my 100 review. What do you think? And it doesn't just have to be rock or metal. It can be anything. I will also be doing a community list on the most requested albums. Thank you!
Thanks Bobby, I'm happy that many people even thought what I was doing was cool enough for them to follow, it's quite nice because people don't have to, but they actively choose to, it's so humbling in a sense
Hey Bobby, would you like to participate in my first community list? The topic of it is who is the most overrated artist in your opinion? Max 1 person.
Yo thanks for the shout on my username! Been a fan of theirs since 2017 and it makes me really really happy to see them winning more fans all the time!
Howdy Bobby!

To celebrate my somewhat recent milestone of 1,000 followers, I thought I’d celebrate with a Community List and a Discography Dive (More on that later).

I have chosen 55 people to answer my prompt; 55 of my closest friends on the site and people who have been loyal to my account for a while. So to you, I bestow this prompt:

You’re a radio show host and you have the ability to ask ANY artist one question about a song they wrote and they have to answer with complete honesty.
Who do you choose and what are you asking them? Remember, it can be anyone (even if they’re dead πŸ˜‰).

Respond with the following info if you choose to answer:
•Song Title
•Artist Name
•You’re Question
*Explanation of your choice is optional!

Also, if you want, go to my pinned review and comment which artists you’d want me to do a discog dive of! I’ll make a Google Form for y’all to vote in whenever I release the list!

Thanks for being so great!
good to see you around ^^ what should i catch up on?


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