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BodhisattyaPal -
Songs of Discomfort (2021)

Kasam - The intro announces the beginning of a very interesting album. Kasam is a soulful romantic song with very good lyrics. The composition is also nice. But the vocal and mixing could be little mature here. Anyway the music arrangement and composition is good enough to make it a decent one.

February Sadness - Starts with a rhyme type intro. It consists a soothing beat and music. The vocal this time is good. The featuring artist Shambhavi has a nice vocal and she ... read more
BodhisattyaPal -
Simple lyrics, easy compositions.
Still it's enjoyable.
Though songwriting is simple but good enough, like
"I saw a young man walking
Out on the road
But when I rubbed my eyes
He had turned old"

Drums and acoustic guitar lead the record.
Decent one.

Fav Tracks: Static, Mystery Road.
BodhisattyaPal -
Soothing melody, feel good acoustic, amazing lyrics.
Thoroughly enjoyed. Not a single bad moment. A brilliant cover art also. Will now listen more Yorkston.
Fav Tracks: Choices, Like Wide Rivers
There is no Upside
We test the Beams
Feb 7, 2021
Hello mate I listened to your EP here is the link to the review keep up the good work.

Feb 5, 2021
Hey man, yeah sure I will give a listen. Sorry for the late response, I’ve just been busy. I will listen to you EP and give it a review, I can’t promise a full length review since I have quite a few other releases to listen to bro, but I will try :)
Feb 3, 2021
Review posted! Very interesting listen.
Feb 1, 2021
re: check out my EP, love your reviews.

I don't believe you. I could be wrong but it feels like you're going around, finding one of my reviews, liking it at face value, and deciding to pitch your project to me all while not checking out my other reviews. I'm not against self-promotion, but I don't feel like reviewing your project nor giving it the time. I'll keep your message around in case I change my mind, but I sincerely believe you're just saying you like my reviews just to gain my favor and review your project.
Feb 1, 2021
I just posted my review of it @BodhissatyaPal please check it out if you'd like!
Feb 1, 2021
Thanks for loving my reviews, actually I don´t find the right words reviewing your release
Jan 31, 2021
Hey, congrats on your release! I think you have some great ideas and your foundation of sounds are already there, you just have to keep working at it and find what your sound is. Best of luck!

Here you go:
Jan 31, 2021
Ill give it a listen soon
Jan 31, 2021
i'll review it my dude
Jan 31, 2021
I might shitpost on your album. Key word is might ๐Ÿ‘˜๐Ÿงต๐Ÿ›ด
Music Composer & lyricist. Mad about music and movies. Currently studying BSc Agriculture in the prestigious Banaras Hindu University. Book Reviewer and blogger.
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