BodhisattyaPal -
I didn't get it. Monotype electronic sound, found no depth in composition. Some part good though.
Only Said Enough : 5
Watch Out! : 6
You Can’t Expect the Cars To Stop If You Haven’t Pressed the Button : 5
Feierabend : 6 ✨
And Groove : 7 🖤
BodhisattyaPal -
warm, soulful and close to heart. stylish and catchy music; haven't heard such lovely compositions for long. lyrics could be better but the composition brilliance masked it. a melancholic yet uplifting album, highlighted by real catchy music.
Serotonin : 9
Did You Come? : 8
Body And Mind : 9.5 ✨
hornylovesickmess : 9
midnight love : 9
You Stupid Bitch : 8
Rue : 10 🖤
Apartment 402 : 8
. : 9
I’ll Call You Mine : 8
it would feel like this : 9.5

got some mysterious nostalgic vibe from ... read more
BodhisattyaPal -
Soft, sweet, inspiring - Nurture is purely my kind of album. Soothing singing, satisfying lyrics and clever composition make it one of the most refreshing album I ever listened. All 9 rated are brilliant, hard to tell which is best or second best!
Lifelike: 8
Look at the Sky: 9 🖤
Get Your Wish: 9
Wind Tempos: 9 ✨
Musician: 8
do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do: 9
Mother: 9
dullscythe: 8
Sweet Time: 9
Mirror: 8
Something Comforting: 8.5
Blossom: 9
Unfold: 8
Trying to Feel Alive: 8
BodhisattyaPal -
Warm, soft, acoustic sounds with sad undertones. Very good at some parts. Overall really a good album.
Paper Fog: 8
Angeles: 9 🖤
Pale Horse Rider: 8
Necklace: 6
Bird of Paradise: 8.5 ✨
Limited Hangout: 7.5
Vegas Knights: 7.5
Surface to Air: 6
Another Story from the Center of the Earth: 7.5
Pigs: 7.5
BodhisattyaPal -
Calm, soothing, worship like ambient sound. Good fusion some times. Could be better.
BodhisattyaPal -
An dark, atmospheric electrical album with some hauntingly beautiful tune. Enjoyed it.
Away not gone: 8
Never the right time: 8
Repetitive Strain: 6
Don’t know how: 8.5✨
When it hits: 6
The beginning: 7
Answers: 7
Dove stone: 8
Hard to Tell: 9.5🖤
BodhisattyaPal -
Wierd sounds. Brilliant experiment. Loving several tracks. Has an eerie undertone.

favourite track: yellow umbra, pure grey scale
BodhisattyaPal -
a heavenly experience

this royal piece of work by Ballaké Sissoko is mesmerizing. I feel I have been transferred to a different dimension after listening to it. truly blessing.

favourite track: kora, dijourou
BodhisattyaPal -
Songs of Discomfort (2021)

Kasam - The intro announces the beginning of a very interesting album. Kasam is a soulful romantic song with very good lyrics. The composition is also nice. But the vocal and mixing could be little mature here. Anyway the music arrangement and composition is good enough to make it a decent one.

February Sadness - Starts with a rhyme type intro. It consists a soothing beat and music. The vocal this time is good. The featuring artist Shambhavi has a nice vocal and she ... read more
BodhisattyaPal -
Simple lyrics, easy compositions.
Still it's enjoyable.
Though songwriting is simple but good enough, like
"I saw a young man walking
Out on the road
But when I rubbed my eyes
He had turned old"

Drums and acoustic guitar lead the record.
Decent one.

Fav Tracks: Static, Mystery Road.
BodhisattyaPal -
Soothing melody, feel good acoustic, amazing lyrics.
Thoroughly enjoyed. Not a single bad moment. A brilliant cover art also. Will now listen more Yorkston.
Fav Tracks: Choices, Like Wide Rivers
There is no Upside
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