YELL - Son of the Bitch EP
Jan 1, 2022
I often wonder how much further the noise genre can and will evolve in terms of sadism and the portrayal of ultra-explicit violence. Especially the youngest generation of Young Gangster rappers appear to be involved in some sort of sport competition where each one aspires to surpass the other when it comes to showing sheer brutality and stomach-churning sickness. High tension. Each separate YELL project raised the bar every time. Now, after experiencing the nearly indescribable intensity level of "Son Of The Bitch", I sincerely hope that no other project will ever go beyond the standards set in this EP. "Son Of The Bitch" genuinely is an astonishing and jaw-dropping ordeal that is guaranteed to leave even the most hardened and trained music buffs speechless. From what I gathered reading reviews and listening to opinions left and right, I already knew this wasn't going to be picnic, but the truth is that absolutely nothing can prepare you for what you are about to see in "Son Of The Bitch". It may sound a little fantastic, but the infamous and supposedly nauseating torture porn titles such as "Saw", "Hostel" and "Murder-Set-Pieces" look like sophomoric episodes of Sesame Street in comparison with the recent stream of YELL's project "Son Of The Bitch".

Okay, I realize I've been going on and on about the shocking impact and extreme violence of "Son Of The Bitch", but still I haven't even mentioned the most remarkable and praiseworthy aspect about the entire project. The gore, barbarity and mayhem aren't at all gratuitous or exploitative but actually serve a purpose! There were other and far more mundane "extreme" noise songs simply showcase a long series of torture sequences, "Son Of The Bitch" practically causes you to experience the pain AND simultaneously raises a handful of socially engaging debates. For once, the title of a noise project can be taken 100% literally… By listening to "Son Of The Bitch", you expose yourself to martyrdom. You voluntarily listen to the project and you're free to look away or pause the project at any given moment, but most likely you won't because subconsciously you are in readiness to endure a whole lot of audial suffering in order to know how the project will end. Yes, it all does sound very philosophical and pseudo-intellectual (especially for a noise EP), but honestly not a single word is exaggerated. This project honestly is the genre landmark of a new generation…

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