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Low - Hey What
Hey What
Sep 11

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BonoLightier -
Almost 30 years into their career, and they're still making some of the most daring, immersive and complex compositions out there. Seriously, one of my all-time favourite bands
BonoLightier -
Kacey delivered!!!
BonoLightier -
While I can easily say the album is not as monstrous as some people put it, I finished it wanting more — so much more.
I've been following Lorde's music since her big break in 2013 and the process has been frustrating to wait, but overall rewarding nonetheless. She was my favourite pop singer, and one of the most skilled singer-songwriters of her era. Every time she came to the surface, it felt like a victory, almost a holiday. And I still treasure such memories: I felt like a rebellious ... read more
BonoLightier -
I really like the overall feeling of this song, but the lyrics are so derivative
BonoLightier -
"Filha das travas, obra das trevas".
O segundo álbum da Linn da Quebrada é pura pimenta na boca, é assertivo, sagaz e fervoroso. Linn pega nas habituais influências da rica música popular brasileira e em letras que fazem cair o queixo aos mais céticos e conservadores - algo que já conhecíamos em "Pajubá". O que sobressai aqui é o trabalho mais coeso e focado da sua carreira. Há aqui muito sexo, ... read more


Sep 12, 2021
Hey Mate,
Just wondering if you were able to contribute to a list by @CamDoesMusic and @truthfulreviews based upon your 10 favourite 90's albums. This would work through you messaging myself a list from 1 being the best and 10th being the 10th best album you have listened to from the 90's. If you are able to contribute with a quote summarising the particular album as well that would be awesome! Your information delivered to us will be used to create a list named "AOTY Users Favourite 90's Albums".

Thank You So Much, Have a Great Day :)
Sep 2, 2021
Hey Mate,
I am currently making a list compacted with AOTY user' top 10 worst albums and would love for you to contribute to that. The information if you decide to share will be used to create "The Average AOTY Users worst album" consisting of 50 albums. If you feel comfortable contributing please mention your top 10 worst albums in order from 1 being the worst and 10 being the 10th worst. It would also be highly appreciated if you are ok to give a few words why as well :)

Thank You So Much Have A Good Day!
Mar 2, 2021
I’ve heard great things about that new one! I definitely added it to my list of albums I need to get to! Thanks for answering 😊
Feb 28, 2021
Hi friend! Thanks for the follow! Let’s connect, what would you consider your favorite album of this year so far? 😁
Feb 26, 2021
weyes blood shall only follow those with great accounts too!!! our best of 2021 has some strong similarities :)
Feb 7, 2021
Thanks for following!!!!
Dec 23, 2020
Thanks for the response, here's the list if you wanna see it:
Dec 22, 2020
Hey, what's your favorite Kanye West song? It's for a list btw


I believe in Rock N' Roll and in glitter.

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