Slipknot - Iowa
Feb 25, 2023
This album means so much to me.

TW: Sensitive topics, Depression, SA, etc.

When I was at my worst mentally, depression had a chokehold on my life. I had maybe 2 friends at most, I was being bullied by almost everyone I knew. I had never felt so completely alone, I don't know how I kept going. I found this album when I heard about Slipknot. It was so angry, full of rage, and it was like therapy to me. Had another shitty day? Blast this album and release my anger. When he touched me, I had this album to get me through it. Though I admit it isn't a perfect album, it is so special to me. Every time I hear a song off this album it almost takes me back to when I was going through hell. People would take pictures of me in class and post them online to laugh at. I would constantly be called slurs, treated like nothing more than an object to laugh at. I tried not to let it get to my head, but it hurt me. I hated myself, I hated my body. Then he touched me, everyone watched. Nobody did anything to stop him. I wanted to badly to just beat him but I couldn't get myself to do it. I just let it happen. I was at rock bottom, but I had this album. It would release all of my emotions. I would cry to it, scream into my pillow, Punch my bed. It got me through it all. Nowadays I'm doing a lot better mentally. I have amazing friends and a perfect boyfriend (I love you so much, W!). The people who hurt me are now living their best lives, it sucks but I cant stop it. This album means everything to me.

To those going through hell like I was, it gets better. I promise. I still have a long road of recovery ahead of me, but it doesn't feel as long as it used to.

I love all of you, take care.

I'm so sorry all of this happened. It sucks how cruel people can be to others.

I just hope you're doing well and have the best support.
I'm doing a lot better now! I love my friends, they are almost like family to me. I'm still struggling but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks a lot for your kind words! It really helps a lot!
@Bowiehello I'm glad to hear you have the support. I just want to be sure everyone on here is doing well in life.
ive probably said this before but your a good person for doing that. everyone should have a shoulder to lean on.
Whoa! That’s so god damn heartbreaking :(

I’m glad you’re doing better now :)
I'm so sorry for you, very heartwarming to see you're doing better nowadays. Stay safe out there
Phobix, thanks! yeah things are getting better, which is something I never thought I would say lol
I'm deeply sorry that happened to you. Similar things have happened at my middle school, so I definitely feel you. Atleast your better now :)
you're god dammit!
I’m so sorry that you had to go through that but I’m glad that you’re doing better now and that music brought you some small solace. I’m glad you have support now!
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