Avenade - Here's to the Prejudice
Nov 17, 2018
So the first track, does feel offsetting from the start. It has this really weird and compelling psychedelic lofi edge. I really dislike the sound of this in the start but it has grown. The chords feel like greenday leftovers though. I wish it had a bit more versitility in the sonic progression, but for what it is trying to do, it is not a horrible attempt. I love some of the lyrics as well

Nice fuzz. Does sound like old school mcr for vocals. I mocked the mixing before but it actually sounds really solid. I like how clear the vocals cut through. Honestly this has a really awesome energy to it. I wish it was longer. I liked where it was going

Holy shit this album has a really strong psych edge. I am getting infected by this. I get why I hated it on impact, but god damn it works a lot better when it is just in my face. I swear this intensity is just right. It is so warped and intense. I feel it. I love the chorus… WHAT THE FUCK THAT SOLO. WHAT THE FUCK MAN….

So the ep up to this point is soaked in influence, but it is done really well. I enjoy just how damn hypnotic this thing gets at points.

Wow… that sounds sick. I legit like this a lot. Again I am not a huge fan of the attitude and lyrics. I find it to be an odd match with the sound. For something this heavy, it just clashes with the sound in an awkward way. The song is fucking rough and sick though. I love the edge it has. The harmonizing does wonders for this song. I think there is not much to hate about this. It is certainly a gritty soundscape. AWESOME ENDING TOO

I am not the biggest fan of this one. However the fact that this ep has displayed this level of diversity while maintaining a clear direction is extremely admirable. There was clearly a lot of work done on these songs. I really love the sound of this EP so far

WOW what a good spot for a cooldown. Again, clearly you know what you are doing. I love these vocals. This is quite possibly the best song on here. It reminds me a lot of MCR and The Strokes. It was very well done. I love how damn lofi this is. I am not just saying this… like geniunely this is such a well done song. It hits so many emotional peaks. AND THERE IS THE SECOND HALF… SHIT MAN

The flow of this project is incredible. If anything, it is insanely well paced. This is the duststorm of the album. I am hyped. Legit this project has managed to really turn my opinion around. This thing is right up my alley. The vocals sound good, and I don’t even mind the long intro. These guitars at the 3 minute mark… why you gotta do me like this. GOD DAMN… WHAT IS THIS FINAL… TAIL END… absolutely insane song. This is a great closing track.

I loved a lot of this. It is so freaking heavy and punishing. I am so happy I gave this time. It is so well done. Holy fucking shit… holy… fucking… shit… I think it shows insane potential. I feel bad for not giving this the full attention it deserved yesterday. I was shocked at how much there actually was here.

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Nov 17, 2018
niggas be switchin on the flip of a dime damn
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