Deee-Lite - Sampladelic Relics and Dancefloor Oddities
Jan 8, 2019 (updated Jan 9, 2019)
This was probably the first album to ever grab my ear and hold onto it when I was younger. I didn't even realize that it was a remix album until recently. For a remix album, the flow of it is near effortless. There is something so wonderful about how even though this is a remix album, it doesn't feel like that at all.

Another funny thing to mention is that I am not a huge fan of anything else from Deee-lite besides this exact album. The remixes do so damn much to make these songs feel alive. The beat often will feel as if a living, breathing entity to the music. especially on songs like "Power Of Love" or DMT. This is really just immersive, fun, and incredibly addictive from front to back.

My complaints are for a couple of cuts feeling a little underwhelming compared to others, but overall it is tough to say I have much wrong t=with this album in terms of sound or flow. I would say please give it a try

Favs: I Won't Give Up, Groove is in The Heart, Say Ahhh.., Good Beat, Power of Love, How Do You Say... Love, D.M.T., I Had a Dream I Was Falling Through A Hole In The Ozone Layer,

Least Fav: Call Me (If I was forced to pick)
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Jan 11, 2019
Sounds cool. I gonna put it on my "Need to listen" list.
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