Slipknot - We Are Not Your Kind
Aug 15, 2019
In preparation for this album I decided to revisit many of my favorite metal/darkwave albums of the last few years. I listened back to some Code Orange, Primitive Man, Chealsea Wolfe, and a couple others. I haven't been a huge fan of Slipknot. I feel like they have always held back their sound just enough to lose my interest. Their image also feels very gimmicky. However, If you forget about the gimmicky costumes and image the band puts on, this album really holds up as it's own stand alone metal project.

It is ambitious and has a reason to exist. It doesn't just feel like the band needs to pump out another quarterly album. It is heavy and head grinding while also being uplifting and insanely fun

That is what separates Slipknot from something like say... Code Orange. I listen to Code Orange to get my face pounded in and to get my teeth grinded. Here I feel like what I got was just Fun, and it was Slipknot showing their stripes as a band that still has it in them to release a great album. This album, while playing it safe, manages to be amazingly consistent and exciting throughout. Would recommend going in open minded and just seeing what you can pull out

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Solid review, 6/10. Provides interesting background, and insights on the personal listening experience. Although it could've benefited from being more descriptive in some parts, and more substantial, using only eight descriptive words (heavy, head-grinding, uplifting, fun[twice], consistent, and exciting in a 215 word review).
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