Bladee - Gluee
Jul 1, 2019
Mind-blowing levels of bad

I don’t know where to begin. I just listened to Bladee’s “Red Light” yesterday. I really disliked it. I thought it was unfinished, unmixed, and borderline tone deaf. The production, while nice at points, was overall very linear and bland. The lyrics were awful, and completely unjustifiable in how empty they were. Bladee was a non-entity who bordered on parody. Despite this I was curious to check out his earlier stuff, because he does have a surprising amount of claim for his sound and style

I saw that he had a mixtape titled Glue, which is his most positively reviewed album all around as of writing this review. Seeing this, I had high expectations for this album I thought that maybe the singing will be better, it might be catchier? Maybe the mixing is better?

No. No not even close. Not even a little bit.

What can I even say to describe the sheer madness that was the off key auto tuned, unmixed harmonizing that kicked off this project. It’s jaw dropping.

Red light felt so empty, and like throughout its run time, absolutely nothing was happening. It felt void of personality, and as fantano called it “borderline parody.”

Glue straight up just said “fuck it.” It’s tone deaf from front to back, and I can’t recall a single moment where the singing feels remotely in tune. It’s so over the top that it might as well just be a parody

However unlike Red Light, I didn’t laugh at all during this project. In fact I was surprised for the majority of it. This project is dense. It has so many vocal melodies fighting for attention that it might as well be a drone album. The only element of this album that I would consider “better” than Red Light is the lyrics feel significantly more insightful here, but every single other element is worse, substantially. It’s unexplainable.

I really admire this project. It seriously reminds me of a lot of the music I would make as a parody of something like this.
There was only one or two times throughout this entire thing where I was even a little bored. For the most part, the sheer insanity of this album’s complete lack of self awareness or care for sound is engaging at levels that many artists can only hope to achieve. It’s so bad that it feels unironically great. That’s next level. That’s just mind blowing

I loved this project and I could see myself coming back to it often

Fav Tracks: Deletee; Safehouse; Shadowface; Spellbound; Everlasting Flames; Upgrade Enabled; Unreal

Least Fav: Freeze
Jul 1, 2019
i honestly don’t know how to feel about this
Jul 1, 2019
What would you say is his appeal to you? I noticed you gave 2 of his projects perfect scores.
Jul 2, 2019
I love the production that is offered throughout his discography, it's very atmospheric, cloudy and quite captivating. Bladee's autotune sounds pretty great on these instrumentals and his autotune suits these type of instrumentals. I don't see many rappers hopping on these types of beats and it coming out as good as bladee is on these. Honestly i wasn't really feeling his music but over time i'm appreciating how unique and interesting this music is to me
Jul 2, 2019
I have a hard time believing this 83 when you just shit on what whitearmour and bladee are trying to do. I guess it's not for everyone but you surely aren't really drawing much genuine enjoyment outside of absurdity. Maybe later listen you'll appreciate the what you'd call tone deaf music.
Jul 2, 2019
Maybe one day it will click for you, but I feel sorry for you due to the fact that you can not enjoy bladee's beautiful music . It's not tone-deaf, it is self-aware, and they know what they're doing
Jul 2, 2019
Don’t gotta be condescending to justify enjoying good music
Jul 2, 2019
I’m not. I legitimately enjoy this project but there isn’t a single element besides some of the production I would consider to be even acceptable. It’s a bizarre, one of a kind listen.
Jul 25, 2019
I feel like he took many elements that would be unacceptable in most places and combines them all into one and it doesn’t only fit, it sounds great. It gives me a very futuristic vibe, like maybe in the 23rd century this is what’s music gonna sound like. Sure it takes some listens to get used to, but just like many great experimental albums you’ll get the artistry, creativity and musical genius by the end. Sure some songs are better than others, but it’s still a damn great project
Jul 25, 2019
Am I overhyping this too much? Yeah probably am
Aug 24, 2019
No you aren't its a great mixtape it deserves all the praise it gets
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