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Fall Out Boy - M A N I A
Jan 18, 2018 (updated Jan 18, 2018)
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There is so much wrong with this album that it feels like a waste of time talking about. It has 5 new songs... nothing worth checking out. The singing is consistently off key, FOB makes some of the worst musical decisions of their lives on some of these songs, It is all over the place, and I am afraid to touch this monstrosity ever again. The writing is almost nonexistent. What an embarrassment of an album

This is NOT okay for a band who has put out 7 studio albums to delay something that is this shitty for so long. This is leading for the worst album of 2018 for me, Certainly a huge flop

and no I didnt just skim this album, here are my notes

Stay Frosty Royal Milk Tea
Very aggressive out of the gate. This singing performance is laughable. There are so many unfitting accents. Everytime he says “Hey!” I wanna die inside. I like the name but man nothing makes sense in this song. It’s so confusing. Wtf is even going on? Production is so overly ecstatic and I have bad Taylor Swift dejavu. I am really not feeling this.
>Trash - Bad

The Last Of The Real Ones
Ok these pianos make me sick. This super EDM vocal thing smh. Oh my gosh these vocals… they do not fit holy shit. They need guitars behind them. This is embarrassing. Oh god this is sickening. This “last of the real ones vocal” is horrible. And it layers for some reason. This is just tough to watch. These generic lyrics mean nothing OH MY GOSH HIS SINGING IS SO OFFKEY. This is too much… its so bad

Hold Me Tight Or Don’t
Steel drum and whistles… oh my gosh a dance house song with horrible singing? Holy shit… this is bad. Just awful reggae fusion. His singing is awful on this song for some reason. Nananananananana NO! Oh my gosh this is sickening. It is … wtf are these production choices? This is a joke christ. It lasts so long holy shit.
>SuperTrash - Trash

Wilson (Expensive Mistakes)
I like lyrical themes. I don’t mind this. Subtle song. I like vocals just barely skimming over this wall of guitar. Ok not bad to be honest with writing and it may grow on me. I mean offkey singing is not horrific. I do like the writing a lot. I ike the “I’ll stop wearing black when they make a darker color” that’s a cool metaphor.

Oh gosh the organ… come on. OH GOD… THIS IS BAD. if you were church… This is embarrassing and has a drop that doesnt fit. I like the theme of everything combined. Singing is awful though. Excellent vocal layering solo in the middle. It is not horrible but writing is so stale by the end. It is the same thing over and over again

Heaven’s Gate
Oh GOD really? HE is going to do one of these slow snappy ballets? I will give him a chance His voice doesn’t work on this. Oh god. A “boost” makes me cringe so much oh my god. This is a tough steak to chew. Make it stop. Writing is awful

Can you say generic? Is this supposed to be rap rock…? This is horrible. Underwritten chorus. Good drums and guitar though. Doesn’t save the song however. Ok not bad honestly.

Sunshine Riptide (ft. Burna Boy)
… Burna Boy!? What the fuck… huh? This is a mess. WHAT THE FUCK!? Was this the only feature you could get? HE IS … FUCK THIS IS BAD… OH MY GOD. I mean chorus is ok…

Young And Menace
Oh dear god… What in the love of god is this… I am in disbelief at what I am hearing… I can’t get over how awful this really is.

Bishops Knife Track
What the fuck… I am so sick of this album. This song is so all over the place. This singing is awful

Worst Song: Young and Menance

Also, I haven't listened in a while but the singing sounded fine to me, I'm interested, I'll take another listen...
The off-key singing in champion is noticeable in the " i can do ANYYIIYIHIYIHIYITHING" in the back end of the track
Goddamn I keep returning to this review and I can't stop laughing it's been years
I will subscribe brad!
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