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Charli XCX - Pop 2
Sep 25, 2019
Wait “Track 10” is literally just “Blame it on your love” before it got the crazy catchy beat and the Lizzo feature. Idk what to make of that, but it does work well as a sad ending to this mixtape. Strange

So after loving Charli I decided to listen to Pop 2 again, one of the most iconic album covers of the 2010s. I really can’t say much more besides it sounds like the stepping stone to what Charli became. ESPECIALLY with the closer here, and the posse cut with cupcakke++ that appear in the exact way on Charli.

Pop 2 is much more experimental than Charli and it showed a really unique style that I could imagine people falling in love with. It’s so bright and adventurous, and does feel very futuristic.

Out Of My Head is easily my favorite song here as it is the catchiest and most engaging track here with an incredible chorus that much like the song, won’t get out of my head.

Delicious on the other hand shows the experimentation not panning out nearly as well as Charli maybe thought it was as it has some of the worst auto tune passages here and the feature, unlike again on Charli where they appear in a nearly identical fashion, he feels out of place here. The lyrics that he says are just plain awful, I can’t get behind this song

I don’t have a ton of complaints or things to really say about the rest of the stuff here. A decent output that led to an even better, and much catchier release following. That being said though, there really is something special here under the hood of this album that makes the overall experience feel special and truly shocking.

HOWEVER... I don’t think Every decision here worked. I’m still glad I listened though

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