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My real name is Adrian Roberts, I live in Ohio and I have a big love for good music, I HATE BAD MUSIC THOUGH! 100-0 My Thoughts Every album i rate over an 90, I have it on vinyl or plan to get it.
I'm just trying to enjoy life by listening to music ... My opinions on albums change a lot during my time on this website, so expect me to re-rate them and what not Singles account: ( 100 ) = Perfection (90 - 99) = Excellent (80 - 89) = Great (70 - 79) = Good (60 - 69) = Decent (50 - 59) = Meh (40 - 49) = Mediocre (30 - 39) = Poor (20 - 29) = Awful (10 - 19) = Horrendous (00 - 09) = Deserves To Be Destroyed
i just dump reviews of albums i've listened to sometimes
24.Enjoying music
Brooklyn, NY
Stylist with a budding music fetish. Hip hop head at heart tho. Guitars gimme eargasms always. Basslines make my eyes close. Synths electrify my body. Drums make my head bob. Keys touch my soul.
Hello, I’m a music reviewer on Instagram. Here’s we’re all the reviews get dumped. RATINGS: 0 - Fattest Fucking Shit Ever 1 - Pretty Big Shit 2 - Shitty 3 - Ass/Terrible 4 - Sucks 5 - Meh/Indifferent 6 - Okay/Slight Enjoyment 7 - Decent/Alright 8 - Good Shit 9 - Great/Poggers Certified 10 - GOATED/Perfect/Rio Certification
I simply exist, what else can I say about myself?
listening to music and stuff
I rate things way too high, I don't know how to write reviews well, my scoring system is loosely based on Fantanos, and I love music. Thank you for viewing my account and please follow me please I'm begging you please.
South Carolina
21 year old music fanatic + full-time nursing student Rating System: 100: Perfect / Flawless 99-90: Really Love It, Amazing 89-80: Love It, Great 79-75: Really Like It, Very good 74-70: Enjoyable, It's Good 69-65: Decent, but Flawed 64-60: Listenable / Okay 59-50: Meh / Indifferent 49-40: Below Average, Not Good 39-30: Mostly Bad, Incredibly Flawed 29-20: Poor, Terrible, Awful < 20 : Disgusting, Laughable, Waste of Time 0: Unlistenable / Physically Pains Me to Listen to This...
18 | #BlackLivesMatter ✊🏾 | Social: @dailygerson A person with a marvelous passion for all kinds of music Feel free to message me about anything 🥰
she her :)
Brenny land
Brennny, I am 15, a trans girl, and a black dresses/ deftones stan
on a rock floating in space
stop. why are you here? why are we here? have you ever wondered about that? no need. there is no reason, there is no goal. yet we are here at this moment by sheer accident, two people who have nothing to do with eachother. a second passes and you're still reading. why? there's nothing to learn here. now go back to the meaningless misery of life and inch closer and closer to death with every single heartbeat. goodby.
0-9 Impossible to listen 10-29 Shit 30-39 very bad 40-49 decent 50-59 meh 60-69 ok 70-79 good 80-89 very good 90-95 amazing 96-99 almost perfect 100 Perfect
nonbinary | they/them
MUSIC FUCKING SUCKS SO MUCH BALLS Singles account: 95s are basically 100s but 100s are like WOWOWOWOW
somewhere watching dystopian anime
i like pop. sorry 😐 okay seriously do not expect anything from me honestly. i’m just here to discover new music from all types of genres and share my opinions from time to time..🧏🏻‍♀️ very generous with my ratings lol
writer for AboveTheBridge, this my personal acc
*parody account* I review hip-hop and pop.
the land of the karens and the wildfires
I just rate music I happen to find (mostly out of 10) as I listen to it. My rating guide: 0-30: It's bad 40: It's mediocre 50: It's average 60: It's decent 70-80: It's good 90-100: It's great/personal fave
One of those rare (non-local) music fan you can found in Bangka, Indonesia
Beep boop. Ratings are based on enjoyment and often for sentimental reasons.
Santa Maria da Feira, Portugal

100: literally perfect 90-99: masterpiece 80-89: great 70-79: good 60-69: meh 50-59: bad 40-49: awful 30-39: unlistenable 20-29: JUST KILL ME NOW 10-19: hahahahaha NO SON 1-9: ajr 0: onision
I am the best verified reviewer in the game!
Favourite Artists: Interpol, Brand New, The Strokes, The National, Radiohead, Arctic Monkeys
1-10 Abomination 10-20 Horrible 20-30 Very not good at all 30-40 Pretty Bad 40-50 Bad 50-60 meh 60-70 boring 70-80 like 80-90 love 90-95 masterpiece 96-99 Almost perfect 100-Flawless
under your bed
Your friendly neighborhood Chinese-American music enthusiast and professional group project deadweight. Used to be able to recite the names of seven hundred Pokémon from memory. Now often forgets the names of immediate family members. Feel free to drop recs - I'll get to them as soon as possible! Open to anything. Rating criteria varies by genre. Current Obsession(s): Make A Wish (Birthday Song) by NCT U
Young professional with an obsession for live music. I used to discover music by looking up the bands that were coming to town, then going to see them. Without concerts, I've decided to start expanding my horizons. I didn't really listen to music (apart from like 10 alt rock bands) as a kid, so I've got some gaping holes in my music knowledge that will be easily apparent. My focus is on 2020 music, I probably won't go listen to a band's older stuff until they tour nearby or are at a fest.

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