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I love nice music and its all i have to say i think. Have a nice day
How far is a light year?
French emo kid (it's all you have to know)
Santiago, Chile

just a girl that likes a lot of music.
Hey! I'm a teen who knows nothing about music =)
Long Beach, CA, USA
i’m ivy hi i’m queer and trans and socialist and a musician and dj and writer was on rym with the same username but now im banned because i was actually standing up to queerphobic fascist bullshit when the mods didnt give a fuck. fuck rym i probs love u already 💞
I do YouTube... the vids are alright; maybe check it out. Chromesthesia wielding piano and saxophone player who is looking to make music sometime soon. :)
Grad Student with a music obsession. Set it up so my library is whatever I happen to be currently listening to... not necessarily all the stuff I own. High school I was huge into modern prog metal, but I've since branched out a bunch. Current favorites include Coheed and Cambria, IDLES, Sons of Kemet, and Janelle Monae. Scores are subject to change as my opinion changes.
Film and art grad / freelance opinion-shover. My opinions change all the time, so my ratings are never concrete. 100 - Music. 90-99 - True greats - likely on repeat. 80-89 - Top quality soup. 70-79 - Good solid musical stuff. 60-69 - It's okay. 50-59 - Listenable. 40-49 - I dunno... 30-39 - Ew. 20-29 - Threw up a 'lil bit. 10-19 - This ain't it, chief. 0-9 - "Music"
buenos aires, argentina
we live in a society
the record store
A moderately busy music nerd. Every review is my honest opinion. I personally score everything out of 10. A general guide for my scoring system is: 10 = The Most Groundbreaking / Personal Favorites 8-9 = The Loved List! Every record here is exceptional 7 = Great albums I appreciate & like but don't personally love 6 = Enjoyed mostly 5 = Indifferent/Meh/Average 4 = OK but Disappointed 1-3 = Not Good 0 = Worst AOTY Everything 6 or higher is a positive review :)

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