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meant to say saturn, switched up the pattern
I don't really know anything about music, but we're gonna pretend like I do. 61+ - good 40-60 - nyeh 39- - bad Also, I make music! Check it out and lmk what you think!
A lot of people think I'm just another trap rapper, but they don't understand the passion I have for music. So I've created this account to express my joy for music. I'm pretty new at this, so you guys are gonna have to cut me some slack. If it scores me any cred, me and Gira did once have a orgy to a mashup of Oxygen and Just Happened.
Milwaukee, WI

- YouTube critic - Melon - Wallet salesman
Jingle Trash Boat 🎄
Island of Misfit Toys
Hi! I'm Jarod! My profile picture changes based on what cartoon I've binge watched recently. Mordecai and the Rigbys stan account. I make it a point to never rate an album without providing a review as well. I love music and I love you too. Have a great day!
Followed by all the best reviewer peeps. ALSO IM A LOT MORE ACTIVE ON TWITTER. FOLLOW ME THERE @kolbbbbb
United Kingdom
I'm just some guy who likes to give his thoughts on different types of music. I'm mainly a rock and metal fan, but I listen to anything. 98-100 - 10/10 (I don't usually give perfect 100s) 90-97 - Phenomenal 80-89 - Great 70-79 - Really Good 60-69 - Decent 50-59 - Average 40-49 - Bad 30-39 - Really Bad 20-29 - Terrible 10-19 - Belongs in the trash 0-9 - This shouldn't exist Library = Digital collection Singles account:
At the Third Impact right now
The worst taste in music
Michigan, USA
Hip/hop fan. My faves are Eminem, Dr.Dre, Logic, Hopsin, Joyner Lucas and more. Don't get mad at my reviews cuz you're too scared of the truth.
100: Through and through masterpiece 99: I adore it to an insane degree, but not perfect 90: Excellent 80: Great 70: Good 60: Okay 50: Not bad, not good 40: Bad 30: Bad 20: Bad 10: Bad 0: :|
Orlando: Home of The Rat
50 and up albums are good 49 and lower are not as good (or maybe they're just bad). "Jesus, don't cry, you can rely on me, honey" -Annoying Orange I also have a Letterboxd: and a Goodreads:
Georgia U.S.A but not in a redneck place
I'm some dumb kid who thinks music is very nice.
Hello my names Tom i'm gonna rate albums on here and occasionally write unfunny shitpost sentences as a review.
I rate shit too high
made by @dumbmoonlight. thank you!! (that's me)
Follow my Singles account uwu: I only review Albums & EPs, and I only talk about singles if I feel I have something to say about it When i review albums, I don't count skits, but I do count Interludes if they are songs.
well hello what ya doing here kk eae
Follow me on ig @Bruhmanreviews
Hell Yeah
I listen to and review stuff that I think I’m gonna like, mainly not new stuff. I try to listen to 3 or 4 albums a week. My ratings are all in multiples of 5. Favourite Artists: Radiohead, Paramore, My Chemical Romance, Swans, Car Seat Headrest Follow my Instagram where I post some music memes:
Kengoji Ultam
Follow @WhatTheFunk
Youtuber and Music Nerd. AOTY's Cute Anime Thot and Uwe Boll Clone. John McAfee Stan. Verified Retard. Kali Uchis is my Goddess. Rating System: 100 = Masterpiece 90-99 = Amazing 80-89 = Great 70-79 = Good 60-69 = Decent 50-59 = Medicore 40-49 = Somewhat Bad 30-39 = Very Bad 20-29 = Awful 10-19 = Cancer 0-9 = Corey Feldman Other Accounts: LETTERBOXD:
just a 16 y.o kid without life, that only listens to music and plays videogames 24/7 (this acc is outdated like crazy, the best of 2018 is so wrong, check out my RYM) spotify : rym :
Listening to Die Lit
You may notice that I mostly give out very positive reviews, that is because I love to talk about music I love. Also, if an album doesn't interest me I probably won't even finish it. Feel free to reccomended me some stuff.
I'm not a critical person. If you're looking for music reviews based on critical analysis, I'm probably the opposite of what you want. I just wanna enjoy my music without having to be critical dawg, that's why I have so many high ratings
I just discovered this site and I think it is incredible. I have been compiling album reviews in word documents for a few years for the fun of it, and so I thought why not share my opinions with like-minded music lovers. I'm open to giving anything a go, however if I don't like it- I will let you know :))
y'all slept on Oggy and the Cockroaches
The singles account for RakkSmells so I don't clog up my ratings for that account. Y'know, I'm all about keeping things organized. It's also my excuse to make lazier reviews. Only occasionally will I do a full-on review on this account
I'm a taco that came to life for no reason and now I listen to music even though I have no ears NOTE: I recommend reading my reviews rather than only looking at my ratings, since they don't always represent my opinions that well. But here's a general idea of how I'd rate something: 0-9 Atrocious 10-19 Terrible 20-29 Really bad 30-39 Bad 40-49 Not good 50-59 Meh 60-69 Okay 70-79 Good 80-89 Great 90-94 Fantastic 95-99 Exceptional 100 LISTEN TO THIS NOW Also I like literally everything Bye
18yo / female / polish my reviews are short because im insecure about my english skills ehh im still adding stuff btw
Morocco. Seat by the window please 🕶
"They don't know what it is to be fan. To love a silly piece of music, or a band, so much- that it hurts." 51+ is positive 50 is true neutral 49 & below is self explanatory
Marcel Duchamp's basement
the big sad
Land Down Under
Pop-punk enthusiast. ----- Things I sometimes put in my reviews that might confuse people: Edit: Updating the review and changing the score Update: Updating the review but retaining the score
i wonder how long it will take for hmj to see this
sorry i am inactive on here. actually i'm not even sorry at all
Waiting for WLR to drop
I like music. RANKINGS: 100/100 PERFECT 90-99/100 ALMOST PERFECT 80-89/100 GREAT 70/79/100 GOOD 60-69/100 OK 50-59/100 FORGETTABLE 40-49/100 NOT GOOD 30-39/100 BAD 20-29/100 REALLY BAD 10-19/100 AWFUL 1-9/100 BASICALLY COMPLETE TRASH 0/100 COMPLETE GARBAGE WITH NOTHING GOOD
Atlanta, GA
music is good.
hey i'm liz, and i consume wiggly air. 99% of what i listen to is stuff i'm expecting to like so dont expect very many negative scores. follow my instagram @goodeveningcaptain for reviews whenever i feel like it 100: Good 99-70: good 69-50: eh 49-1: bad 0: Bad
I do YouTube, the vids are alright; maybe check it out. I have chromesthesia (music involuntarily evokes an experience of color through pitch, tone, and volume. check my lists) and I play piano and tenor saxophone. I use an equation to get my scores so you know they’re accurate. Personal insta: trey.cardi 100: Flawless 99: perfect singles 99-90: Amazing 89-80: Great 79-70: Good 69-60: Decent 59-50: Okay 49-40: Mediocre 39-30: Bad 29-20: Horrendous 19-10: Cursed 9-0: Hot Garbage
Ratings based off enjoyment not cultural or historical significance. 10: Essentially 9's with deeper emotional investment 9-7: Levels of Great 6: Good 5: Average 4: Below Average 3-1: Levels of Terrible +01 for female artists with bangs
i guess we are all just huge fans of adjectives and adverbs
Recordings from the Monster's Closet Out 12/18
Just some socially awkward, guitar-wielding music geek who criticizes other bands and artists. I take album suggestions. Weekends: New music Weekdays: Artist binges 9.9 - 10 = Mastapeece 9.5 - 9.8 = Amazing 9 - 9.4 = Outstanding 8.5 - 8.9 = Exceptional 8 - 8.4 = Great 7.5 - 7.9 = Very Good 7 - 7.4 = Good 6.5 - 6.9 = Decent 6 - 6.4 = Fine 5.5 - 5.9 = Okay 5 - 5.4 = Average 4.5 - 4.9 = Meh 4 - 4.4 = Mediocre 3 - 3.9 = Bad 2.5 - 2.9 = Awful 0 - 2.4 = [Insert]
can't think of a funny location
Music's cool. And with that subjective opinion I have just laid out for your eyes to see in mind, I like to listen to it and rate it. I also make YouTube videos if you want to see those. Main singles account: Channel linked below P.S. If you're wondering why some of my reviews have the name of the genre in front of it, here's the reason:
just a dude reviewing music
Roaring twenties. Mild depression. Cat lover. Rock and roll.
United States
I listen to music.
Madvillainy Gang
(A.K.A. Valentino) PipePanic protégé I'm living my best life
Dream State University
Anything Under 50 Is Either Bad,Horrible Or Already On My Suicide Note 50-59: Decent 60-69: Alright 70-79: Good 80-89: Great 90-99: Incredible 100: Masterpiece Recommand me any albums from any genre on my wall Music IG Page: @bennygripzz
Light =x2, Decent =x4, Solid = x6, Strong =x8
Owner, editor and writer 4 TRANSISTOR. YouTube music critic. Talking head on TRANSISTORCAST. Music editor 4 The Student Advertiser. Stay safe, stay hydrated.
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