- 17
i wanted these guys to put out something better, come on

relistened w brad & wow. the beat on head is amazing tho

 - 17
I went into 17 expecting a cheap Kodak Black impression, only to be met with The Room of trap albums; a project so baffling bad it's genuinely impressive and almost captivating.

Like, holy shit. To start, Flyysoulja & Kodiyak Redd are hands down some of the worst rappers I have ever heard in my entire life. I don't know how, but these guys manage to be simultaneously off beat, off key, and borderline unintelligible on any beat they're on. Their performances sound like them riffing and ... read more

 - Twelve Carat Toothache
Let me preface this with something most consumers don’t ever want to acknowledge: the success of a lot of mainstream artists, be it popular, commercial, or even in some cases critical, can have a lot less to do with the album itself than everything around it. That might seem counterintuitive - a lot of folks buy into the false equivalency that if an artist is successful they have to be ‘good’, and the more success they get the better they must be - but that’s a fantasy ... read more
for when album covers are different ... but they're the same i try to keep the list to only include covers that are coincidentally the same - there are plenty of homages to other albums or parodies ...
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