BradTasteMusic -
Heyyyyy this is not bad at all! Probably my favorite project from the guy so far. Big step up
BradTasteMusic -
This album is still EXTREMELY ahead of its time 10 years after it’s release. This is a hypnotic experience like nothing else.
BradTasteMusic -
This grew on me. This is kinda like... a masterpiece. It improves in every way from the original, and it highlights how strong of an artist mosquito can be when he takes his time with his music. I can tell how many changes he made, and seeing it come together is awesome!
BradTasteMusic -
More like born with bread
BradTasteMusic -
The line about history repeating hits differently in 2021.

This is a brilliant track off of an album that is just... pure brilliance. This is a song about Kendrick Lamar and the struggles/stereotypes of being black. He is indulging himself in this negative view, and wearing it as a cape.

It is such a powerful message. One of riveting intensity that Kendrick is such a master of displaying
BradTasteMusic -
I am calling it, this is the album of the 2020's
BradTasteMusic -
This shows how little AJR has grown. They are still making the same old shit, but the toilet hasn't even changed this time around.
BradTasteMusic -
I’m so very confused

That being said I listened to the EP and I am still confused
BradTasteMusic -
I was waiting for this drop. Ivan has been great to me. He always send nice messages, and he has sent in his music before to be criticized. When I first heard what he was doing I didn’t get it. I was still willing to give this album a chance. Here is my review

Welcome to my world:
Not what I expected. The Frog comparison makes 0 sense, and it seems like that’s the point. Song is a giant mess. The piano, the wailing guitar, and the expressive performance all add up into a strange, ... read more
BradTasteMusic -
Judging this song with the video included

Yeah, it’s basically Bieber trying to rebrand once more after the embarrassment that was his 2020. However, this rebranding actually does work. The video is striking, and so is the song. It’s a good showing of predictable pop from the Biebs.

Is it my thing? No. Do I like it better than Yummy? Yes
BradTasteMusic -
This project grew on me. If you are into 100 Gecs and awful shitpost music, listen to this. Every song was made around the picture used as the song cover. That is the concept. It is just a lot of fun
BradTasteMusic -
Alex Turner really shows his hand as a compelling songwriter on SIAS. There is not a whole lot in the way of interesting songs, but a lot of great uninteresting songs.
BradTasteMusic -
I absolutely hate this song, but even I have to admit how great it is
BradTasteMusic -
It is interesting hearing Mario Judah cover this song. Honestly he is more fitting for a song like this.
BradTasteMusic -
Lil Crog (Corgi) delivers a 10 track DIY type Mixtape that is an experimental experience. For only being 14, this project reminds me a ton of the first music I made. It has the same amateurish qualities, and joyful playful charm. There are some great ideas here as well with many songs feeling cohesive, despite the limited resources

Here is my main issue with the project. It literally just sounds like a GarageBand project. The drum presets are really obvious. The drum machine sounds like a ... read more
BradTasteMusic -
this song high-key slaps
BradTasteMusic -
This song really clicks for me. It’s an example of what a good remix can be, and should be. I enjoy this way more than the acoustic original version, as the remix captures the “pill taking” way way better. It’s like it shows rather than tells.

Regardless this song kinda got me into Posner’s music a while back. That ship has sailed but this song being randomly in my recommendations was a nice pill of nostalgia
BradTasteMusic -
cool video, but the song sucks so bad. I usually love these ERB matchups... but this one felt so cringe. Boyinaband is awful once again at making enjoyable music, and it shows. Literally one of the worst rappers ever, I would have preferred fucking NAV over him to voice Harry Potter
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