BradTasteMusic -
I listened to the closing track only, and the story behind it is that Axel took a ton of shrooms, recorded a song by himself, and put it on the album without anyone else knowing

It is a horrible song, and certainly the only reason to listen to this album
BradTasteMusic -
I remember listening to this, the exact time and place I was, but I don’t remember the music at all
BradTasteMusic -
FWN is not a bad album by any means, but it does fall flat on many levels for me. It isn’t easy to follow up a debut as powerful as WPSIATWIAN. FWN is an album that badly wants to convince the listener that it is new, never before done experience, but it doesn’t have the creative recourses. It’s very ambitious for sure, but it is also shortsighted and unfocused.

What I’m trying to say is Alex Turner is a boring frontman on this album
BradTasteMusic -
These guys were like... substance-less rock. It is like how people view trap music today. There is so little going on here in the lyrics. That being said though, it is full of great riffs, and pure rock. It is what it is
BradTasteMusic -
I literally listened to so much AJ that this awful verse is somehow listenable. It is still one of his worst features regardless
BradTasteMusic -
Ironic that I just reviewed an album he dropped 4 days ago lol and now here is another project

Seems to be Undertale themed, that's pretty fun. I love the cover.

This whole project feels rushed, and is just underwhelming and boring

not a lot to say about this. some creative ideas occasionally. IT is really what you would expect
BradTasteMusic -
Bladee's one single note he sings on here kinda hitting differently today. not sure why
BradTasteMusic -
god damnit... AJ listening made me finally ease up on this guy. TBH he still sucks... but this song is really good.... for the first half at least. It is extremely catchy, and nocturnal. I like the lyrics too, its just a really "drained" track
BradTasteMusic -
LVN Filo... aka Lil Joof... makes a 100 gecs record and it sounds really good ngl. LVN Filo really shocked me with this. I completely forgot I was listening to a Flex artist, ngl
BradTasteMusic -
This was the album I was looking for funny enough. I ran across everything else on accident. Somehow though this is the weakest project I have heard so far. This is a much less experimental project, and more focused on just making stupid pointless trap music. It works for the most part though, as I found myself enjoying this for the most part

Starts off pretty rough as it sounds like a generic shitty version of what I heard on the remixes, but as the album keeps going, the ideas just get more ... read more
BradTasteMusic -
A super creative collection of B sides that continues the insane bullshit that goes on inside the head of AJ. It is much shorter than the LP it was a part of, but almost all of the material feels unique regardless, and this whole album compliments side A very well
BradTasteMusic -
AJBeezus is an incredibly impressive Experimental internet-core Comedy project from the memelord AJ. AJ has made some of my least favorite music, but his alternative ego seems to just blow his other catalog out of the water. It is experimental in only a way AJ can be

Intro: 7/10 (didn't need the earrape, but wow what a great way to get me hyped

Lemonade Stand: 9/10 (God AJ is so talented man, he is gonna grow up to make some amazing music. sure this is just a meme mix but he is like 14 years ... read more
BradTasteMusic -
First Listen ratings, this really does not mean a bunch but it was where my head was at while listening.

Awakening - 4/10
Angel's Share - 8/10
RE-L124c41+ - 8/10?
Futu-Risk (this beat aint too bad tho, and it actually fits here insanely well) - 9/10
Life After God (starts off godly, but really just loses a lot of impact for me, still not really in love with this one, sorry. the last half is
kind of amazing tho) - 4/10
No.0724FGARK (amazing atmosphere, literally only ruined by the ... read more
BradTasteMusic -
lil squeaky's review caught me so off guard bro holy shit i am cackling
BradTasteMusic -
Edit: shrunk about 12 points, I think the novelty just wears thin after 1 listen

I didn’t realize I was on shuffle until far into the album so... it is out of order. Just a warning.

Alright, I’ve waited long enough for this release. I am excited and ready for this

Cosby Remix: Intro to the album is the song I am on, but Bro the final product is so good. I’m really impressed with the final mix of this track. It features a Viper sample which just belongs on this song, and it ... read more
BradTasteMusic -
A classic song for sure, but it only really hit me recently just how good it really is. This song is like nothing else I have heard before, and I somehow love how whiney it is. It is a song that just wallows away in a melancholy cloud of fear and pity. The songwriting is god tier as well.

As much as this type of music can usually turn me off fast, It is songs like this that really push the way that I think about music I listen to. Something that can subvert my expectations this hard is ... read more
BradTasteMusic -
Apparently I’m not allowed to listen or review this based on TreyLikesBands... but I’m too curious man, sorry I love ya

This album might actually be a serious career killer though... that’s a good thing. The songs on here are boring. It isn’t as exciting as it was in 2018... wait I just got nostalgia ptsd... I miss so many people man...

Locked Up Pt2: wtf is this shit. Unmixed, Boring song with Akon of all people. This song is certainly unique to 6ix9ine... but it ... read more
BradTasteMusic -
YNW tries as little as possible on Melly vs. Melvin.

Literally this is lazier than Nav. This dude doesn’t even want to make an album. I don’t think he wrote down a single verse

The saving grace here is his voice, but damn this is a boring ass, boringly produced album
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