Dec 1, 2018
I was getting a lot of Atrocity Exhibition vibes
Aug 3, 2018*
I tried to not compare this to Rodeo, and It is tough. Rodeo is one of my favorite rap albums, and quite possibly the best Trap Rap album of the decade. I had high hopes going into this album, but it just lacks focus and structure. I feels like a collection of confused, mixed quality trap bangers.

I heard this album when Fantano was listening in a discord, and I couldn't see the track listing at the time. Without seeing the trackless, this album will seem like it has way more songs than the 17 ... read more
Oct 22, 2018*
Am I allowed to give 2 100's in a year? Cause like... wow... this is one of the best albums of the decade

I listened to each album from Daughters, and found a lot of quality in their discography... but this brought absolutely everything. I have a feeling that if you just leap into this album, the incredible pacing and atmosphere will instantly grab onto you, and drag you into the abyss that is this beast of an album. Trust me when I say this thing is a journey. It is the first Daughters album ... read more
Mar 12, 2018*
Final Edit: (8-31-18 Score: 77) After... countless frustrating listens to an album that simply felt uninteresting to me... but the irony is as soon as I put out a video review... it clicked. So much so that I shed a handful of tears in the process of this extraordinary larger-than-life experience of an album that somehow feels so... human.

I just want to trigger people

Edit: I jokingly made this review in March and gave this album a 0/10. However my real score id give this album is probably ... read more
Jan 24, 2018
Just a daily reminder that Spectrum Pulse gave this the same score as Kendrick Lamar - To Pimp A Butterfly
Apr 27, 2018*
Okay... understand that as someone who HATED Stoney, I was really nervous about this album. However it completely nails what Stoney failed at. Jeeeeeesus this album is so solid front to back. I hated 90% of what was on Stoney, but here we get druggy, upbeat bangers on the front half, and a beautiful slowdown after the middle. People called Stoney a classic for some reason... but this album stomps that one out in every way.

It is very formulaic, and maybe a few songs could have been put on the ... read more
Jan 18, 2018*

fight me
Jun 9, 2018
lol I am an idiot
Sep 1, 2018*

Edit: decided to try this album again since Fantano really loves it. My issue with the album is how Idles... while they are definitely increasing the size of their sound, it feels as if it has not fully processed itself to the large stage that they want to present themselves on. It still feels confined... or maybe I’m just pretentious
Oct 4, 2018*

Their only “Great” album. Certainly not for everyone, but I think for what they try to do with this album, they manage to succeed while simultaneously not being cringe or repetitive. Rather it is catchy, wholesome, sweet, yet dark.

It works UNBELIEVABLY well as a complete experience from front to back with very little holding it back. It’s truly an amazing listen and it only is growing as I keep listening

There ... read more
Mar 27, 2018*
Boarding House Reach? more like... BORING HOUSE REACH!!! HAHAHaaaaa

Edit: Original Score 71. I have good days with this album and bad days. It’s overall an extremely coherent experience that works in a very avant-garde way. I kinda like it
Feb 23, 2018*
Full review on my YouTube channel at “Brad Taste In Music”

I am the minority here who actually enjoyed this tape. While having a GUMMO Remix near the end was stupidly lazy, for the most part I enjoyed the aggressive energy that was on this project. He delivers some massive bangers and a fast paced 27 minute album. It has a couple duds but i did enjoy it in the end
I recommend relistening but twice as loud.

Edit: look... this is NOT FOR EVERYONE! I’d argue this is for almost ... read more
Jun 19, 2018
My first experience with the flaming lips. This is certainly a great place to start. What a colorful and exciting album :)
Feb 20, 2018
I survived 62 seconds
May 11, 2018*
expect my score to nose dive when my medication wears off

Edit: this is the dumbest album I have ever heard in my entire life. I cannot stop smiling. Someone come save me

Edit Edit: okay fine I’m dropping my 100 down to an 83. Still a fantastic and fun album but not a perfect one
Aug 3, 2018
Feb 13, 2019
Malibu Ken is pure fun for total weirdos.
Apr 18, 2018
I literally got nothing out of this album. It found its way as background music every time I tried to pay attention to it.

I’m simply not the demographic I guess
Feb 28, 2018
The Mollusk is ... well actually I recorded a first reaction that I will put on youtube. Needless to say I am excited to input the score.

Youtube: Brad Taste In Music
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