Oct 4, 2018*

Their only “Great” album. Certainly not for everyone, but I think for what they try to do with this album, they manage to succeed while simultaneously not being cringe or repetitive. Rather it is catchy, wholesome, sweet, yet dark.

It works UNBELIEVABLY well as a complete experience from front to back with very little holding it back. It’s truly an amazing listen and it only is growing as I keep listening

There ... read more
Mar 16, 2018
tO FiNd, To fInD ThE ExAcT WoRdS, tO FiNd tHe pErFeCt wOrDs, To sAy lEsS BuT To sAy mOrE, wAs iDeAl wItH ThIs pRoJeCt, AnD TiLl mY EnErGy aNd mInD Be fElT, iN A LeSs aGgReSsIvE WaY BuT A MoRe pAsSiVe aNd gEnIuS WaY WaS IdEaL WiTh tHiS AlBuM, tO ShOw tHe vErSaTiLiTy aNd tO ShOw tH- tO OpEn mInDs iN ItSeLf wAs tHe gOaL Of tHiS AlBuM, aNd tO AcQuIrE A LaRgE AmOuNt oF PaSsIoN, aNd lOvE AnD ApPrEcIaTiOn fOr mYsElF WaS ThE GoAl oF ThIs aLbUm; LoYaLtY To mYsElF WaS ThE GoAl oF ThIs aLbUm. So, I'Ll ... read more
Oct 22, 2018*
Am I allowed to give 2 100's in a year? Cause like... wow... this is one of the best albums of the decade

I listened to each album from Daughters, and found a lot of quality in their discography... but this brought absolutely everything. I have a feeling that if you just leap into this album, the incredible pacing and atmosphere will instantly grab onto you, and drag you into the abyss that is this beast of an album. Trust me when I say this thing is a journey. It is the first Daughters album ... read more
Jan 26, 2018*
1,849 ad-libs

I counted
Apr 9, 2018
Y’all sleepin on my boy Lil Xan. Say what you want about him but he is surprisingly the first person EVER to have a negative IQ! It’s insane how that’s even possible
Jun 9, 2018*
This is the best Kid Cudi has sounded... period

While it is pretty much the musical equivelant of a water color painting (yes the cover reflects this very well) It lacks any cohesion. HOWEVER much like ye which I literally despised until just today, I can see this growing into my AOTY

the production is THAT GOOD

Edit: 4 consecutive listens later this thing completely grabbed me

Edit 2: HOLY CRAP A 10
Oct 19, 2018
Zed Leppelin
Sep 21, 2018*
Edit 2: Video Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=crEQknqcH0w

Edit: okay... what I find really interesting about this album is how, in the Saturation trilogy, each member seems to spill their own personal issues onto each song. Lyrics often dealt with personal struggle, come up, drugs, and tons of other issues. With this new release, it seems like everyone is doing the same thing, with talking about personal struggle, but what is funny is how every single member is hurting from depression ... read more
Aug 3, 2018*
I tried to not compare this to Rodeo, and It is tough. Rodeo is one of my favorite rap albums, and quite possibly the best Trap Rap album of the decade. I had high hopes going into this album, but it just lacks focus and structure. I feels like a collection of confused, mixed quality trap bangers.

I heard this album when Fantano was listening in a discord, and I couldn't see the track listing at the time. Without seeing the trackless, this album will seem like it has way more songs than the 17 ... read more
Apr 12, 2018
I’m catching up on my ARTV-core lol. But really my full 40 minute reaction and review is on my YouTube channel

This album is massive not only from a sonic standpoint but through phenomenal writing and songs that are passionate and bombastic beyond belief. This album is a phenomenal statement that shows that emo music can be done right and it isn’t always a pissing contest of who can be the most edgy
Jun 29, 2018
Uninspired, colorless music
Jan 19, 2018
This album made my balls grow 3 sizes instantly
May 11, 2018
This is the controversial opinion police! please step away from the vehicle!
Sep 2, 2018
I’m gonna rewrite this review like I did my Kid A review, cause my opinion changed drastically.

Since OK Computer and Kid A clicked so heavily with me, I decided to revisit ITAOTS. I was listening to a Spotify discover playlist that was built around Kid A, and I was loving most of the suggestions I heard. I was driving home, I had an hour to kill... why not?

HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLY CRAP... like I’ll be honest... I only used to pretend to like this album so people wouldn’t bully ... read more
Sep 1, 2018
Decided to revisit after OK Computer clicked. Have to say I finally have an opinion on this album.

I never cared for the lyrics in this album until I finally cared about the Character of the music. This album, while scattered, and while giving it so many listens... I never truly sat down... and just tried to give this my attention. This is a really... really messed up album. Idioteque was the prime example of this... that song is one of the few times I could say a song truly got under my ... read more
Apr 7, 2018
You know an album is going to be bad when the first song is titled “Walk On Water”
May 11, 2018*
expect my score to nose dive when my medication wears off

Edit: this is the dumbest album I have ever heard in my entire life. I cannot stop smiling. Someone come save me

Edit Edit: okay fine I’m dropping my 100 down to an 83. Still a fantastic and fun album but not a perfect one
Dec 9, 2018
The Lil Peep release felt complete. This trash... I could make this myself in a day. It’s fucking laughable. Easily the worst thing under X’s name. Not even his fault. The label is grave robbing and it is disgusting.

They should have given him a better sendoff than this shit. This is insulting
Feb 12, 2019
One of the most unsettling albums ever created.

It is genius?
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