AOTY 2023
Rush - Permanent Waves
"If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice"

Wow holy fuck neil that's so true and deep and eppic omg wowow holy shit holy fuck *jerks off in 23/16 time signature*

Miles Hadley - Cosmogony
The debut album from critically acclaimed AOTY reviewer Miles Hadley

I was anticipating this album ever since Miles announced it, and I'm glad to say that I really enjoyed it. Instead of 2-4 minute songs, there are 18 songs that only reach 2 minutes on one song. The whole vibe of the project is pretty consistent through out (though Roost was sonically out of place to me) and the album cover fits perfectly.

My main problem is that the songs don't really go anywhere. I would've liked the album ... read more

Miles Hadley - Cosmogony
This is the debut album from AOTY User @mileshadley.

This album is a mix of electonic and synth. I love the dreaminess of the whole thing, It makes it feel like I am bouncing on fluffy clouds without a care in the world. There are some parts of the songs which I thought could of done with better production or better quality.

My main complaint is that it feels like the songs are too short, They sort of lead to nothing in a way, I feel like there could of been more work on cutting down the ... read more

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