Paysage d'Hiver - Die Festung
Jan 23, 2023
So, I’m going to keep this short since I don’t have much to say about it. I liked it. This was an album that I was not at familiar with at all before checking it out. I was not familiar with Paysage D’Hiver’s music before checking this out. I have heard about him before, but I was not at all familiar with any of his music. This was an album recommended to me by @TURQUOISEDEATH. This was recommended alongside the Berserk soundtrack by Susumu Hirasawa and, while I thought that one was better, I liked this one. The production is fine. It is quite lofi and I don’t think that it works for all of the songs. While for the most part, you can hear everything clearly and it is mixed well, there are some moments that aren’t clear at all, like the vocals on “Eishalle”. While I don’t mind when the vocals are not the main thing you hear, you can barely hear them on the song and I had to look up the song to see what the lyrics were. The instrumentals are great for the most part, especially for “Eishalle” and “König Winter”. I could barely hear the vocals when there are any. I had to look up the lyrics, but they seem to be kinda dark. The vibe through has this ambient, wintery vibe that works very well throughout. Overall, I liked this. While the vocals are hard to hear when they are there, the production is fine, the instrumentals are great, and the lyrics are kinda dark. I liked it.

Ratings for each of the tracks:
1. Eishalle - Rating: 9/10
2. König Winter - Rating: 9/10
3. Schneekönigin - Rating: 8/10
4. Eisprinzessin - Rating: 8/10
5. Prinz Frost - Rating: 7/10

Paysage d'Hiver makes some of the coolest wintery music - if you ever want to check out some of his more atmospheric black metaly stuff, I recommend Winterkälte or the self-titled :D
I'll have to check this one out though, it looks really cool!
@Windy (^-^) Thank you for checking out my review! That is pretty cool! Thank you for the suggestions! I will make sure to listen to them soon.

I would recommend checking it out! I really liked the album! If you do end up checking it out, I hope you enjoy it!
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