Jan 7, 2019
None Shall Pass stands out as Aesop's most direct and aggressive album. While earlier Aesop projects were slightly more abstract, and his more recent work has often involved more intimate lyrical adventures, NSP relentlessly portrays scenes from the underbelly of American capitalism while persistently taking aim at the authority figures who profit off the broken dreams of others.

Production duties are primarily split between Aes and frequent collaborator, Blockhead. When Aesop handled his own ... read more
Jan 6, 2019
Stellar combination of delicious funk and brazen self-confidence. Can't wait till Lizzo's next album
Oct 31, 2018
Personally I prefer the bouncy self confidence of Bonito Generation, but KKB still have plenty of interesting ideas on this more melancholy follow up. The genre hopping around this album is pretty intriguing but it might be off putting to some people who are more prone to a particular genre from this album, or anyone who was more attracted to KKB for their electropop roots than their twee aesthetics. The one song that balances, bright synth beats, guitar dissonance, and fun, innocent lyrics ... read more
Oct 31, 2018
Cloud Nothings bring some energy here for sure. But ultimately the songwriting fails to live up to any of the band's technical aptitude. Echo of the World has a pretty good build, and Another Way of Life is satisfyingly, though uncharacteristically, catchy but these sort of attributes are the exception rather than the norm on Last Building Burning
Oct 25, 2018
OME takes a much more relaxed approach on this EP but still comes out with good work. The production is a lot less immediate than a lot of his past works but thats ok because it leaves room for Mike's lyrics to take center stage and he responds by dropping sick bar after sick bar. The sense of humor and thoughtfulness that define all OME projects is present across everyone of this six songs and thats enough for an EP coming one year after the dude dropped one of the most fully realized rap ... read more
Sep 18, 2018
Guerilla Toss' latest effort, while less propulsive than GT Ultra, is still one of the year's best album's for fans of the weirder side of pop/rock. The songs on here feature Guerilla Toss' typically off-kilter lyrics; which are lovably but not intoxicatingly artsy. But albums real draw is its INCREDIBLY colorful instrumental palettes. I can't think of any other artist today who crams so many off kilter noise effects into their sound while rarely sounding abrasive. Sure, the album might just be ... read more
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