Really good tape, not perfect but nothing short of solid at any point, great chill production that bangs when it needs to and plenty of clever and thoughtful lyrics from JVNUS as well as the featured artists.
B. The Leo - Oh Ok
listen here yo
The Microphones - Microphones in 2020
*just quick thoughts on this copy and pasted from a DM with my boyfriend lol*
The guitar intro didn't need to be over 7 minutes long as there isn't really much to it, and with his recent rambly storytelling songwriting style and the main structure of the song being basically the same for the entire thing did make it a bit meandering at times. But he basically tells the whole story of his early music career and why he called himself Microphones, and why he brought the name back, among many other ... read more
B. The Leo - Up There
I made this! listen here!
Animal Collective - Tangerine Reef
I decided to give Animal Collective's Tangerine Reef another go last night. It's not bad as I remembered, it's pretty bad though. One problem for me is is rarely are the sounds going into it all that interesting, in a lot of tracks they're pretty psychedelic in the way they're assembled, but very plain texturally, especially on the opener "hair cutter" and the following song "buffalo tomato" which has sorta cool rhythms and melodies going but the sound is just so, bleh. But ... read more
B. The Leo - Lights EP
hello I made this, here's a link to listen to it
B. The Leo - Burn After Listening
Listen to it here! (will be added to streaming services as soon as possible)
Animal Collective - Danse Manatee
y'all suck this is a good album
Knewnie - t@prune 1
The best thing since sliced samples
B. The Leo - One Ghost
listen links:
PRI$M TR@$H - garden
God that cover art is terrible. I'm assume you've seen the other entry already, this the second beat compilation under my former name PRI$M [email protected]$H! This one featured much more newly created tracks, but it was not originally all conceived to be on the same release, so its still a compilation of sorts, even if I tried to make the tracklist have a pretty decent flow to it if I could. This compilation was put together to show what little progress I had made since I started taking producing more ... read more
This is a compilation of beats that I put together, under my original producer name PRI$M [email protected]$H, in November of last year, to get some of my stuff out there. It was half new stuff, and half really old random tracks, some years old. At this point I didn't really fully know what I was doing on the technical side of things here (especially on the older tracks) but because of this album I meant some friends who inspired me to really work hard on my craft and really start putting a lot more work ... read more
Knewnie - my only good jokes
A truly beautiful record. Where do I even begin? Well, I suppose the beginning is as good a place as any! In fact, let's go track by track shall we?

"comedy takes no effort" is the perfect tone setter for the album. It's generous samples of "Poland 1985" by Objective Lactose Lodging and "You Considering Being My Female?" by Simple Plane (citations needed) may not seem like much on the surface...

Next we have the track "mc ride takes a vacation to shiverburn ... read more

Modest Mouse - The Lonesome Crowded West

Incredible indie rock gem, with some of the craziest, saddest and even goofiest songs ever penned. Not one track I don't love, could put any of them on anytime, even the 11 minute "Truckers' Atlas" they really knew to keep a groove going for periods, with a lot songs having words for just a couple minutes and then the rest of the time they're just jamming out, they keep it engaging. Another thing I absolutely love about this album (and their debut) is all ... read more

Modest Mouse - This Is a Long Drive for Someone with Nothing to Think About
One of my favorite albums of all time, a track or two in here is a bit annoying though.
Xiu Xiu - Girl with Basket of Fruit
I wish I could rate it higher. Still in my top 5 of the year and don't see it going anywhere but up.
Xiu Xiu - FORGET
Lots of crystal meth club bangers
Barns Courtney - The Attractions of Youth
Some good tunes here but way too overproduced and kinda generic for me to really get that into
Penguin Cafe Orchestra - Penguin Cafe Orchestra
Wasn't a moment on here I didn't love
The Avalanches - Since I Left You
Not only is Since I Left You a good album

It is also a good album

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