Mac DeMarco - This Old Dog
May 7, 2017
Wow, I actually really like this. I've never listened to Mac Demarco before in my life, this new album of his is my introduction, and I found it really pleasant and captivating. The looped instrumentals all over this album are really soothing to me and very nicely produced, I think there's enough variation in the grooves all over this album to keep it consistently interesting as well. They're definitely more enjoyable to me than another certain recently released folk album *cough* Pure Comedy *cough*.

Mac's vocals are pretty unimpressive on this album to be fair, he doesn't exactly have the most range i've ever heard, but he just comes off so endearing and friendly to me on this project and for me, that makes up for it. The lyrics were also very personal and evocative a lot of the time on this album, especially on the songs Dreams from Yesterday, Moonlight on the River, My Old Man & Sister.

One problem I would have with This Old Dog would be that I think some of the tracks failed to reach their full potential e.g. Still Beating, This Old Dog & Watching Him Fade Away. I think if these songs were longer and more developed, they could have been highly improved and potential favourites. Also, a lot of these tracks had really anti-climactic outros, a good chunk of the songs here just kinda fizzle out by the end, Still though, I think this album is really nice, and I see myself playing it A LOT throughout the year.

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