AOTY 2023
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Tyler, he/him, 23 favorites section is just what I've been jamming out to this month! (oct 2023) library is every album/soundtrack that I own a physical copy of (vinyl and cd) started my music listening journey in late 2020, but have always had a deep appreciation for music and it has always played a super important role in my life :))) i round down to the nearest 5 (ex: 88 -> 85)
just here to post some of my music opinions, i'm not a writer so don't expect much substance from me <---- favorites tab are my records currently on repeat feel free to send some recommendations! 100- all-time favorites 99-90- best of the best 89-80- thoroughly enjoy 79-70- very good 69-60- good 59-50- average 49-40- meh 39-30- bad 29-20- worse 19-10- trash 9-1- near unlistenable 0- unlistenable
21 year old photographer based out of Asheville NC with an avid passion for both music and film. I mainly write silly reviews not meant to be taken too seriously :) Feel free to leave a suggestion in my shoutbox and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible! Rating System: 100: masterpiece 90: exceptional 80: great 70: very good 60: good 50: meh 40: not good 30: bad 20: terrible 10: horrific 0: belongs in dumpster Library is vinyls, liked is my personal suggestions!
Just a stick of butter that listens to music All my ratings are based on personal enjoyment Pinned review is favourite of the month album Rating system was changed from the Kid Cudi - Entergalactic review onward.
"i love the smiths"
100- Perfection 99-95 MasterPiece 94-90 Amazing 89-80 Great 79-70 Very Good 69-60 Good 59-50 Alright 49-40 Forgettable 39-30 Bad 29-20 Terrible Less than 20 Awful Seriously unreal, love you peeps.
Brad Taste
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