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#1 Carly Rae Jepsen stan
I WANT TO DO BAD THINGS TO U baby don’t u want m
100 - Perfect Album that I replay often or consider innovative 90 - Amazing album 80 - Great or something I very much enjoy 70 - Either an objectively great album that I don't enjoy THAT much or a good album 60 - Above average album that may have some flaws 50 - General indifference 40 - Not good, might have a few tracks I enjoy though 30 - Bad, the record has fundamental issues that prevent it from being enjoyable 20, 10 -Terrible to offensively bad. Actively hate it
I rate shit too high
R.I.P. Etika 😔
(A.K.A. John) (A.K.A. Clam Eater 3000) Me asian guy Me go outside Me walk Me talk Me listen music Me listen bad music too Me make reviews Me make shitposts Me have elon musk profile pic Me canadian Me live in ice castle
Kengoji Ultam
Youtuber, Critic, and Musician and also AOTY's Cute Anime Thot and Uwe Boll Clone. Buffalo Staple Stan. Verified Retard. Rating System: 100 = Masterpiece 90-99 = Amazing 80-89 = Great 70-79 = Good 60-69 = Decent 50-59 = Medicore 40-49 = Somewhat Bad 30-39 = Very Bad 20-29 = Awful 10-19 = Unbearable 0-9 = Corey Feldman Other Accounts: LETTERBOXD:
0-10 its alright 11-20 its alright 21-30 its alright 31-40 its alright 41-50 its alright 51-60 its alright 61-70 its alright 71-80 its alright 81-90 its alright 91-99 its alright 100-trash
ImJayStation can go suck it!
BradTaste is a KiNg
I simply like good music, the genre doesn't matter. My blog (written in Italian) is: Thank you for following me! Please feel free to recommend albums that I should listen to!

June Playlist
Vinyl Me, Please