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Houston, TX
Rating System: Below 50: Levels of hate 50-59: Mediocre/Meh 60-69: Forgettable/Okay 70-74: Good 75-79: Very Good 80-85: Great Above 85: Levels of love
in depth album reviews if ya want actual justification check my youtube channel I am tired
live and breathe shoegaze, black metal, psychedelia, sample-based production, 90's rave music, anything beginning in 'post-' and pop of all sorts. but have you seen my records?
R.I.P. Etika
(A.K.A. Vutto) I love Final Fantasy, Game of Thrones, Dragon Ball and MF DOOM
Marcel Duchamp's basement
the big sad
Philadelphia, PA
Pretentious Radiohead Stan Gave Your Favorite Album A 70 Capitalizes The First Letter Of Every Word 100=Radiohead 99=I'm too much of a bitch to give it a 100 95-98=Phenomenal 91-94=Excellent 85-90=Exceptional 81-84=Great 75-80=Very Good 70-74=Good, Lacking Replay Value 60-69=Decent 55-59=Average 50=54=Mediocre 45-49=Below Average 40-44=Bad 30-39=Very Bad 10-29=Levels Of Trash 1-9=Dumpster Fire 0=Angelic 2 The Core
Cheap & Lethal Records - Specialist in Punk, Post-Punk, Indie, Folk, Post-Rock, Jazz and Experimental
Jenny Death
Your girl gives the best hugs!!
an organism of the homo sapiens species whoms't inhales oxygen and exhales carbon dioxide πŸ’•πŸ’• if you disagree w/ me its fine (even though my opinions are objective facts and i hate you for not liking the same music i do) πŸ’•πŸ’• my RYM:
thanks for 150 followers, you're all too kind
Ratings based on personal enjoyment. Ratings subject to change. 100 - Perfection 90 - Amazing 80 - Great 70 - Good 60 - Decent 50 - Mediocre 40 - Bad 30 - Really Bad 20 - Awful 10 - Horrible 0 - Sonic Torture
Prague // CapeTown γŠ‹ ㊫ ㊦ γŠ₯ ㊊ My "library" is filled with the albums I don't listen to enough/keep meaning to go back and listen to.
#1 Carly Rae Jepsen stan
I WANT TO DO BAD THINGS TO U baby don’t u want m
100 - Perfect Album that I replay often or consider innovative 90 - Amazing album 80 - Great or something I very much enjoy 70 - Either an objectively great album that I don't enjoy THAT much or a good album 60 - Above average album that may have some flaws 50 - General indifference 40 - Not good, might have a few tracks I enjoy though 30 - Bad, the record has fundamental issues that prevent it from being enjoyable 20, 10 -Terrible to offensively bad. Actively hate it
You'll never gonna see another guy like etika,,, if you live to be 5000 B) 500th rating: r plus seven
Always listening and tinkering with scores. Basically a curated list of music. I only score albums, no singles. Some days I'm an 89, some a 67.
Madison, WI
Here are my top 50 tracks of 2018!
Pinball Gizzard
Rating System 2.0 100: God Level 90 - 99: Jesus Walking On Water 80 - 89: Turning Water To Wine 70 - 79: Prophet Walks Amongst Us 60 - 69: Prophet Seems To Turn Heads 50 - 59: Suspicious Being Making Claims That See Odd 40 - 49: Bad Presence Surrounding Entity 30 - 39: Holy Water Is A Necessity 20 - 29: Prayer Isn't Working 10 - 19: False Prophet 0 - 9: God Damned
United Kingdom
I'm just some guy who likes to give his thoughts on different types of music. I'm mainly a rock and metal fan, but I listen to anything. I try to review things every day. Currently listening to: Radiohead 97-100 - 10/10 (I don't usually give perfect 100s, so 97 is the lowest 10) 90-96 - Phenomenal 80-89 - Great 70-79 - Really Good 60-69 - Decent 50-59 - Average 40-49 - Bad 30-39 - Really Bad 20-29 - Terrible 10-19 - Belongs in the trash 0-9 - This shouldn't exist
I rate shit too high
Brad Taste
I make and review music
Kengoji Ultam
Youtuber, Critic, and Musician and also AOTY's Cute Anime Thot and Uwe Boll Clone. Buffalo Staple Stan. Verified Retard. Rating System: 100 = Masterpiece 90-99 = Amazing 80-89 = Great 70-79 = Good 60-69 = Decent 50-59 = Medicore 40-49 = Somewhat Bad 30-39 = Very Bad 20-29 = Awful 10-19 = Unbearable 0-9 = Corey Feldman Other Accounts: LETTERBOXD:
Hello, I'm JoΓ£o and I spend most of my day listening to music and crying.
Ratings based off enjoyment not cultural or historical significance. 10: Essentially 9's with deeper emotional investment 9-7: Levels of Great 6: Good 5: Average 4: Below Average 3-1: Levels of Terrible +01 for female artists with bangs
Weyes Blood = loml
Newest video! IGOR reaction!: I do YouTube... the vids are alright; maybe check it out. I have chromesthesia and I play piano and tenor saxophone. Also looking to make music sometime soon. Insta: Personal: trey.cardi 100: Flawless 99: perfect singles 99-90: Amazing 89-80: Great 79-70: Good 69-60: Decent 59-50: Okay 49-40: Mediocre 39-30: Bad 29-20: Horrendous 19-10: Cursed 9-0: Hot Garbage
Orlando, Home of The Rat
50 and up albums are good 49 and lower are not as good (or maybe they're just bad). I'm a Raditude apologist. I also have a Letterboxd: and a Goodreads:
R.I.P. Etika πŸ˜”
(A.K.A. John) (A.K.A. Clam Eater 3000) Me asian guy Me go outside Me walk Me talk Me listen music Me listen bad music too Me make reviews Me make shitposts Me have elon musk profile pic Me canadian Me live in ice castle
an account of objective facts send new music recs if you'd like
New Zealand, Land Of The Sheep
white 18 year old who thinks he knows music because he listened to Swans once, i review things semi-frequently for recommendations: just go for loud, abrasive, fun and weird stuff.
Banger? I hardly know her! My whole life was like a picture of a sunny day I prefer words to numbers, so I typically rate things as a reminder to go back and write about them later. I love reading other people's thoughts on my favorite albums! ThrowBackGmac's 69th follower Pronouns: GroupHer, GroupHers, GroupShe
Order in the court. WHAT COURT?!
"All my favorite singers couldn't sing." My scores are a reflection of my overall experience and less of critical analysis. Constructive feedback is ALWAYS welcomed! Anyways, if you have a music suggestion feel free to share! I'm also a gardener and I can give advice if needed!Β Bongo cat is best meme. Yes sir. Take care and God bless! Social & Games: Switch: SW-7448-8869-4375 Instagram: throwbackgmac
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PiΓ±ata Gang
There is nothing interesting about me. Please use @thomasny18 if you want to respond to me. Using my display name will only give whoever I'm shouting out the notification.

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