Apr 16, 2020*
bvrtxk -
Wow, I’m truly amazed by this project!

The newest album from a one-man, swiss, atmospheric black metal band Paysage d'Hiver is probably the most stunning musical experience, I’ve came across this year. Tobias Möckl completely killed it on this one. The impressive performances; raw, lo-fi production; enormous, overwhelming, beautiful atmosphere and the absorbing feel of constant darkness, all together create this masterpiece of a record. "Im Wald" is a perfect ... read more
Apr 13, 2020*
bvrtxk -
Recently I've finished my first ever project, a 10 minute short mix/EP, exploring sounds of plunderphonics, lo-fi abstract hip-hop, sound collage and many more. I hope that you'll manage to find something actually valuable, under this lo-fi, raw mix and home made aestethic.
Big thanks to everyone who’ll find some time to check it out!

Dec 28, 2019
bvrtxk -
Lately, because I was busy with school and some other shit that I don’t want to talk about, I’ve taken a little break from this site. Fortunately, recently I’ve found some time to come back and listen to some beloved records that I haven’t checked out in a long time. Once I stumbled upon The Velvet Underground’s discography I realised that, for unknown reasons, I’ve never really listened closely to „White Light/White Heat”, so I decided to jump ... read more
Nov 1, 2019
bvrtxk -
So, is Earl doing dark ambient black metal album now?

After Some Rap Songs became one of my favourite albums last year, I anticipated new music from Earl more than anything, so naturally I was extremely excited when yesterday “Feet of Clay" a short 7 track EP was announced.

Thebe once more presents to us a buch of lo-fi, glitchy hip-hop tracks and again I really loved it. The production on this short EP is unpredictable and messy in the best way possible. Earl’s lyricism is ... read more
Oct 25, 2019*
bvrtxk -
Kanye really got on everyone's nerves constantly announcing new music, then not dropping it. First it was supposed to be Yandhi, but the whole project got leaked, so „Jesus Is King”, a gospel album was announced to come out with a movie attached to it. Finally, after a long and frustrating wait it’s here, but was it really worth it?

Well, actually I really wish Kanye would take some more time to finish and perfect this project, because it simply sounds rushed and unfinished. ... read more
Oct 25, 2019
bvrtxk -
I consider Swans to be one of my favourite bands of all time with one of the most varied and impressive discographies. There is no denying that Michael Gira is a musical genius and his band has had a great run this decade ever since their comeback in 2010, constantly bringing one mind-blowing album after another. After “The Glowing Man” I’ve had huge expectations for this album and was really curious what the band has to offer, because I think Swans might be one of the most ... read more
Oct 18, 2019*
bvrtxk -
First of all, I gotta say I’ve never been a huge fan of clipping. and when the first single for their new album, „There Existed an Addiction to Blood” came out I wasn’t really all that crazy about it. Shortly after, when they released the next two singles I was extremely intrigued, but still I didn’t know what to actually expect. Finally, the 3rd studio album from the Los Angeles based, experimental hip-hop trio, is here and... I’m scared.

After seeing that ... read more
Oct 4, 2019*
bvrtxk -
Over the course of the last years, Danny Brown has proved himself to be one of the most interesting hip-hop artist in the industry right now. After his last, critically acclaimed album „Atrocity Exhibition", I was really interested which direction he is going to take for his next release. After seeing that his new project features production from the legendary Q-Tip himself, FlyLo, JPEGMAFIA and even Standing On The Corner, I was anticipating something even better than his last ... read more
Oct 4, 2019*
bvrtxk -
I’ve had high expectations for this release ever since the first single came out. Even though I haven’t heard any of Angel Olsen’s projects before, I've completely fell in love with her sound just after that one song. Then when „Lark" came out, I was blown away by this track. I was really hoping that the rest of the album is going to be as great as the singles. Finally, after hearing „All Mirrors”, I am happy to say that it pretty much has lived up to my ... read more
Sep 14, 2019*
bvrtxk -
I haven't listened to any singles before this release, so I didn't know what to actually expect, but I definitely didn't expect to like this record so much. The production on this album is truly amazing and Charli complements it really well with her catchy hooks and overall performance. Also there are some really accurate features on here, for example Tommy Cash absoulutely nailed his part. But despite this project's really high points, I still think it has its flaws. I feel like it has some ... read more
Sep 13, 2019*
bvrtxk -
"All My Heroes Are Cornballs" is probably one of my most awaited records of this year. After hearing JPEG's last album, which actually became one of my favourite hip-hop albums of 2018, I was extremally curious what Peggy has to offer next. When I heard the first single and saw the tracklist, I thought that this is going to be a really fun listen.

And yeah... I was mostly right. Peggy is just doing what he does best on this album. I love his glitchy, experimental and unique ... read more
Sep 6, 2019*
bvrtxk -
Wow, this is boring...
I have never really enjoyed any album from Post Malone and I didn't care for this one either, but I decided to check it out, because the singles weren't actually that bad.

After listening to it I still think that Austin's music is not for me. Some songs on here feature really bland and lifeless trap beats with Post's vocals that sound pretty much the same on all of them; Other songs are more of a rock and pop tunes, but they all are reallly uninteresting. However, I ... read more
Aug 31, 2019*
bvrtxk -
I went into this album with no expectations, because Lana's music has never been my cup of tea, but I am actually suprised. This album has some great songs, the production at some points is beautiful and her vocals are impressive, but despite that I still have a lot of issues with this record. I feel like it's very monotone and pretty uninteresting at moments, also I think that it's a little too long. Still this is a pretty good project and I can definitely see why people are loving ... read more
Aug 30, 2019*
bvrtxk -
When I found out Tool is coming back with a new project I wasn't expecting much, especially after the single, but still I was hoping for a solid record. Even though I think that "Fear Inoculum" has some tedious moments and the interludes are really unnecessary, it turned out fine. I like the heavyness and atmosphere of this album, also the drumming is pretty impressive; But in the end this is just a good comeback, nothing more than that.

Favourite Tracks: Pneuma, Invincible, ... read more
Aug 24, 2019*
bvrtxk -
Even though lightly worse than its predecessor, Braindrops still consists a lot of interesting ideas and some of my favourite songs of the year. I really like the noisy instrumentation and impressive guitar playing all over this album. My only problem with this record is that it feels a bit inconsistent.

Favourite Tracks: Paradise, Braindrops, Maria 63
Least Favourite: -
Aug 23, 2019*
bvrtxk -
This is my first time hearing Little Brother and I gotta say that I really enjoyed it. This album just has it all: groovy, hard hitting production, really good verses and pretty funny skits. I guess I need to check out their older projects.

Favourite Tracks: Everything, Black Magic (Make It Better), Sittin Alone
Least Favourite: -
Aug 23, 2019
bvrtxk -
This is exactly what I expected. A decent album that has some highlights but mostly is pretty average. Even though I find some of the songs on here to be pretty lackluster, I am still glad that this whole project is better than the first couple singles.

Aug 17, 2019
bvrtxk -
I have never been a big Young Thug fan, but at least I was hoping for a decent, fun trap project. What I got instead is this hour long, totally boring, bland album that I pretty much can't find anything interesting about. Also I feel like some features are making this thing even worse.

Favourite Tracks: What's the Move
Least Favourite: Surf, Jumped Out the Window, Pussy
Aug 17, 2019
bvrtxk -
Animated Violence Mild is an extemely intense, noisy electronic record. Even though I feel like some of the tracks are unnecessarily long, this still is a reallly fun project that would make a perfect workout album.

Favourite Tracks: Death Drop, Love Is a Parasite, No Dice
Least Favourite: -
Aug 17, 2019
bvrtxk -
Really atmospheric, energetic and heavily Joy Division influenced post-punk album, that to me feels a little bit tedious at some moments. Still this is a really solid debut and I'm definetly going to keep an eye on this band's future realeases.

Favourite Tracks: For Everything, Slowdance I and II, Feeling Fades
Least Favourite: On Twisted Ground
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