Boy Pablo - tuck me in
May 8, 2021 (updated May 17, 2021)
TL;DR: Wachito Rico Jr. (Feat. Dante from the Devil May Cry series!)

boy pablo. By now, he's well established himself in the indie scene, and despite a lackluster career, here he is charging into 2021 with tuck me in, a comparatively short EP comprised of... all songs he's made before. Yeah, I'm not holding my breath on anything spectacular. And with an EP cover that looks like something from the chatlogs of EDP445's infamous controversy, yeah I'm really not wishing for much. Let's just get on with it.

The first song on the album is an acoustic version of i hope she loves me back, one of the small highlights of his 2020 disaster of an LP, Wachito Rico. And boy (pablo) oh boy am I a sucker for acoustic guitars, so I can safely say he's locked in at least one decent song. His singing might sound a bit raspy and rough, but the backing track is inoffensive at best and hey, I already liked it once as a pop-dance song, so I'm okay with this Live From My Basement-esque sound. It's not that bad, which is promising.

Second song, and oh look at that: straight up repost from Wachito Rico. For the purposes of this review, I'm not gonna factor in my opinions of these songs into my overall album rating, unless it does something new like have a new voice on the track. But I will make mention of how lazy a one-to-one copy of a previous release is, especially without tweaking the words or melodies or anything. I even played the original after the fact, and there's no changes I could discern. So that's a wasted slot in a small EP, which is disappointing. Not surprising, but disappointing.

Next is people, and from what I can tell it's a completely original song. And this just feels wrong. There's something about him singing about how nobody cares about him that makes things seem creepy, like a manipulative ex husband trying to claw his way back in your life. Mixed with the album cover, I wouldn't be surprised if this inspires at least one restraining order. As for the melody, it's dreamy, it's dramatic, but it feels like marshmallow fluff: great, until you realize it lacks substance. And I really don't think that's the look boy pablo should be going for, his loud and proud sound is much better than what feels like Coin and Dayglow's child would sound like if it was given no attention. A sad, whiny song about how nobody cares about him, that's so lazy it's hard to care for.

Next is i just wanna go home. Despite the title being a line ripped from the horrible, horrible leave me alone! of Wachito Rico, this is one of the better songs. It's a duet with an... uncredited female voice. Gods, that must blow: imagine being the best part of an album and not even getting any recognition (cough cough Led Zeppelin cough cough). The melody again, marshmallow fluff, but honestly I can excuse this one, the lyrics shine through enough to make this enjoyable. 2 out of 5 isn't so bad.

And we end with... a second repost. This one being te vas // don't go. At least he made this review easy. Out of 5 songs, two of them are blatant reposts, and one is an acoustic version of songs already released, and he definitely could've picked some better material to take from.

And that's my first impression on this EP. Overall, it's a non offensive, sleepy pop album, if you've never listened to Wachito Rico. If you have, it's a hack job of reposting old material while sprinkling in one quality song that, for the most part, is new. And people, but the less spoken about that the better. I can't respect what is essentially a repost job, essentially when the quality was already spotty to begin with, but if you just hear the new stuff, it's passable.

My score: 37
User score at the time of this review: 43
May 15, 2021
Good review
May 16, 2021
@pizzagrande thank you! :D
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