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Adele - 30
Favourite: My Little Love
Worst: Cry Your Heart Out

1. Strangers By Nature - 6
[Honestly this isn't a bad track or anything, I guess parts of the production is nice and there is plenty of emotion in this but I really couldn't listen to it again. For me it just seemed like some movement or a bit of substance]

2. Easy On Me - 8
[I actually enjoyed this a lot and since it has come out I have streamed this a lot. I love the meaning and the emotion poured into this and even that piano creating ... read more

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Earl Sweatshirt - Tabula Rasa
Well now this was delightful
Golf Girl - Year of the Bonefish
It's really great to see more and more AOTY users putting out music. It's awesome to see such a strong community really supporting one another in another in their musical quest! Anyway I enjoyed this, didn't think this was amazing due to it being a bit repetitive but the production work done and many other elements of this track just sounding so unique and overall done very well. Even the part and the end was kind of funny lol

Congrats River!

Juice WRLD - Fighting Demons
Favourite: Not Enough
Worst: Go Hard

1. Burn - 5
[After hearing the production tag I knew that the production would be top notch. Lyrically and even the chorus was just pretty average tbh. Idk this just feels weird and not right really. Also that chorus was way too repetitive]

2. Already Dead - 3
[Lyrically it ain't amazing but not bad but just that production is horrendous. It's so limited in it's variety and just feels that it's on a constant loop. Similar to the first track I felt there ... read more

Lil Mosey - Not The Same God As Mine
Right then, this wasn't very good. Vocally half the time it was so mumbly I could barely understand. The chorus is repeated over and over again, don't really know why because the work done on it was just piss poor, Like you'd think you would at least have some sort of catchy hook sorted but nope. Production as well was just poor and basic, just an overall pretty terrible song :)
Juice WRLD & Justin Bieber - Wandered To LA
This is so much better than his lead single. The Production work done on this is just so much more filling. Lyrically I felt it was a little repetitive which I guess is probably expected and Biebs wasn't too bad either I guess


hey! i just released my first song in spanish and i thought you’d like to check it out. give it a listen if you can and let me know what you think!! :)
Hope everything is going well for you. You are still one of the few inspirations I had to continue using this website. Love your full honesty in reviews and we desperately need more reviewers like you.
come back lil bro
Hey bro recently dropped my debut ep, check it out when u get the chance!
This is crazy we have the exact same music taste
great library man
Just reaching out to ask you to kindly review Delawness CMPLCXTNS, thanks much in advance.
This account "@CameronFriezer" is my old account, I have moved to @CamLikesMusic. Or just click on my logo :)
Hey man, just dropped my new single. Check it out if u can
Hey there CamDoesMusic! Because I’m too lazy to form my own opinions, I’m doing one of those community list thingies where you choose what album you want on the list so I don’t have to listen to it. All that I need from your favorite Postal Service studio album. Thanks for participating!


Aussie reviewing all types of music

Hey Guys sorry but for the next month or so but I have exams so I'll barely be reviewing, I will get back to daily reviews soon!

My ranking of every Kanye song below! :)

100 - GOAT
90 - Very Very Very Very good
80 - Really good
70 - Pretty decent with some hits and few mehs
60 - Its okay
50 - Very meh with many forgettable songs
40 - Ed Sheeran
30 - Ed Sheeran
20 - Ed Sheeran
10 - Ed Sheeran
0 - Ed Sheeran

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