Death Grips - Year of the Snitch
Nov 22, 2021
Favourite: Death Grips Is Online
Worst: The Horn Section

1. Death Grips Is Online - 10
[Damn this is just insane. The production and instrumental work done on this is just so hype and fantastic to listen to. Lyrically this fits in as well so well and creates an energy itself that is just so infectious]

2. Flies - 9
[Again really good production work and the lyrics are just brilliant as well]

3. Black Paint - 10
[Once again just so creative lyrically talking about darkness, just such a brilliant piece of work. I feel like this is quite similar to the first track just these very loud instrumentals that are so complex with such short and repetitive lyrics but in a really great way symbolising their message]

4. Linda's in Custody - 9
[Really interesting storytelling situated from Linda's point of view creates a great experience. I also enjoyed the change of style creating a more refreshing sound and needed one]

5. The Horn Section - 6
[Part of my points being put across about this particular album being enjoyable so far are the lyrics fitting in with the production and just creating this overall fantastic sound but it truly is disappointing to hear a somewhat decent instrumental]

6. Hahaha - 10
[Bit of a more disturbing topic being expressed but hey they still do it very well. I really enjoy the transitions in the instrumental intertwining between many genres, displaying how creative and complex this track is]

7. Shitshow - 8
[The song perfectly resembles this track lol, a complete mess. I really hope that this was on purpose anyway I liked it still pretty fun track]

8. Streaky - 10
[This track again is just so catchy and just an overall fantastic track. The instrumental is addictive and just the production work done as well is just brilliant]

9. Dilemma - 9
[Really love the different style of production on this track. Lyrically this just confused me lol but hey, it's pretty darn creative]

10. Little Richard - 7
[As usual the production for me is still pretty good but I just felt this was the worst track lyrically so far, just seemed a little meaningless to me and even the flow just felt a little off for me]

11. The Fear - 8
[Really like this track again. The crazy and fanatic instrumental suits the tone and message brought to this track. The vocals at times I felt could have suited and been attempted to fit in with the instrumental a bit more but can't really complain, just an overall brilliant track]

12. Outro - 8
[I enjoyed this instrumental a lot more than the other one, not as repetitive and the constant changing elements are great, just a shame it was cut short]

13. Disappointed - 10
[Another really great superb fanatic track. Just love the vocals and the lyrics on this fitting in so well creating a really fantastic sound. Don't know what else to say at this point it just sounds good haha.]

Average: 8.769
Quick Comment: At the time of writing this Death Grips as a duo and Experimental Hip Hop as a genre I haven't really spent much time listening to or just haven't really paid much attention to in general. Recently I've tried to expand my music taste in terms of hip hop and thought going down the root of experimental hip hop. I've listened to a few experimental hip hop albums in the past and due to the respect that Death Grips has received amongst this community I thought one of their albums would be a great way to get into this genre easier. This was very successful in doing so creating a really enjoyable project which I will definitely come back to again very soon. Anyway this album is a pretty short one with 13 tracks packed in 37 mins with it certainly feeling a lot longer but in a good way. The such unique instrumentals with the limited yet effective bars have creating a unique experience amongst pretty much every track and a positive one in that.

Lyrically all though short like I mentioned it was very effective. These type of lyrics and I guess particular setup I'm not really used to with it being a little scattered or just unique in the type of words being used it was definitely refreshing. Lyrically every track seemed to follow a different theme with these different lyrics being used in particular for most of the tracks their would be one line or verse that would get repeated several times of the piece to resemble some sort of idea that for me never really got to old. I love how vocally the duo is just so energetic and even though at times I feel as you can't hear some of the lyrics but just the way it fits in with the production work and the instrumental it just doesn't really seem to bother me. It's as if the vocals are just part of the instrumental at times just makes it so satisfying.

With the production and the instrumental for me it was just top notch and very rarely disappointing. Just the constant changing instrumentals and styles in production being used just creates a constant new and refreshing sound for every song. It's an album production wise where it is mainly pretty loud with a couple of exceptions at times just when it's the instrumentals that are being played with no lyrics are very limited. The production work on this project for me is just so incredible of how complex it all is and just perfect, it really just makes me wonder how long it does take them to come up with a setup that they do like because some of the stuff and sounds they create in this project is just stuff you rarely hear. I guess that's why it is called experimental hip hop then lol.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this to someone who is a rap fan and is just wanting to give something else a go. It's something that I'd feel like i'd probably vibe to more so whilst doing something else like eating for example but if you do just want to spend your time just listening to it with no interruptions it is still quite fun!
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