James Blake - Friends That Break Your Heart
Oct 8, 2021
Favourite: Say What You Will

1. Famous Last Words - 10
[Wow. Just brilliant I mean the emotion poured into this and the production into this is amazing!]

2. Life Is Not The Same - 10
[Interesting to get more of a hip hop producer on this but this kind of change is really refreshing and just still fits so well with James' Blakes style. Other than that once again the emotion, even the vocals leading and the slight background vocals just so brilliant]

3. Coming Back (feat. SZA) - 9
[Love the storytelling in this track and the versatility of his vocals in paticular probably being the best parts I guess. Production again though is excellent with SZA and James both mixing really well together and just the many elements to the song]

4. Funeral - 9
[This feels so deep and just so relatable]

5. Frozen (feat. J.I.D, Swavay) - 8.5
[Love the features on this, they just add so much. Also the production for me as well was very nice as usual]

6. I'm So Blessed You're Mine - 8.5
[This different kinda instrumental is very unique half of it aren't even instruments lol. The chorus is very good as well with the background vocals strengthening that drastically]

7. Foot Forward - 9
[Love the hip hop beat again, not going to blabber on it's good!]

8. Show Me (feat. Monica Martin) - 8
[A really beautiful, quite peaceful track and that production is just top notch as usual]

9. Say What You Will - 10
["Say What You Will" but this guy just does not miss.]

10. Lost Angel Nights - 7.5
[This wasn't too bad just not sure if a track like that had to go for that long]

11. Friends That Break Your Heart - 10
[Lyrically it's quite simple but yet just so meaningful and deep through the character within his voice]

12. If I'm Insecure - 8
[Good storytelling but I thought it took a bit of time to get going or just progress. However once that problem was eradicated the track was very beautiful]

Average: 8.958
Quick Comment: This overall was just such a beautiful experience. Blake mentions some of the downfalls of his life which seems within his friends and the people that are close to him. The vocals for me are probably my favourite part. The trembling sound in within his vocals just adds so much meaning within the majority of the songs. Even adding the background vocals to this added so much complexity and echoed those feelings of pain he feels. The production on this production I found to be quality as well. The random sounds used at times were quite funny how well they worked in "I'm So Blessed You're Mine" for example. The sometimes disappearing vocals in the tracks just adds so much. Even just the instrumental in the songs were so magical, complex and just really beautiful. I don't want to go on forever about the production because that's all I talked about in the song descriptions lol. Everything else that impressed me was the variety of styles as well, the fact he had worked with hip hop producers and just in general the style of beats were just really fun.

Overall I would recommend it's just a really beautiful and fantastic album :)
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