AOTY 2021
Adele - 30
Nov 19, 2021
Favourite: My Little Love
Worst: Cry Your Heart Out

1. Strangers By Nature - 6
[Honestly this isn't a bad track or anything, I guess parts of the production is nice and there is plenty of emotion in this but I really couldn't listen to it again. For me it just seemed like some movement or a bit of substance]

2. Easy On Me - 8
[I actually enjoyed this a lot and since it has come out I have streamed this a lot. I love the meaning and the emotion poured into this and even that piano creating that sadness she has. I guess lyrically this could have been stronger but overall I enjoyed this]

3. My Little Love - 10
[I really enjoyed this track a lot. This is a direction in this song that I'm not particularly used to from Adele but damn I want to hear more in this style. I loved the storytelling in this and the production features of the occasional samples of her son and herself having a conversation. This just feels really deep and just really beautiful even as well the further this goes on the instrumental becomes grander and just keeps progressing positively. Finally though that violin or whatever string instrument was (lol don't judge me) so beautiful and a great way to end the track]

4. Cry Your Heart Out - 6
[Surprising from Adele again to hear a track that is a somewhat different style to what I am used to. All though this is a sad track she provides an up tempo piano instrumental that I don't really mind. Lyrically it's not to bad could be better but more so positive then negative. As well I don't really get why this had to go on for so long just seemed a little repetitive towards the end. Probably will be seen as unpopular but I don't feel like that chorus really suits this instrumental as well, nice vocals and style on the chorus though]

5. Oh My God - 9
[This is really catchy. I can just tell this is going to do really well in terms of streams haha. This just seems really vibey and I do not care that a lot of seems like a chorus it just pretty damn catchy.]

6. Can I Get It - 7
[Again from Adele with these new sorta styles and it's really good to see. I do not feel that this is particularly strong with that instrumental seeming a little generic idk if that's the right word but yeah just the overall production for me felt a little off]

7. I Drink Wine - 7
[This track isn't too bad or anything just felt like it went on to long for me. I like the production work and the lyrics aren't too bad either but again this could have been done in 4 mins not 6 mins.

8. All Night Parking (with Erroll Garner) - Interlude - 6
[I get this is supposed to be an interlude so I don't expect it to be amazing but for me it just didn't feel moving or anything for me. I like the instrumental but just lacked a bit of substance overall and lyrically I didn't feel it was particularly strong]

9. Woman Like Me - 6
[I guess this isn't to bad or anything just felt a little towards the end and just got a bit boring. It kinda seemed it was like the same thing over a 30 sec loop. However what was in that loop, the quality of music wasn't to bad but like I somewhat alluded to is it's not really moving in any direction]

10. Hold On - 6
[This is another song for me that just went on for way too long. At least with this song it seems to change in terms of an instrumental as it goes on but lyrically could be the worst so far I think. It's not terrible lyrically but it is kinda weak and the message is just way too repetitive]

11. To Be Loved - 8
[Really great to see all the emotion she has poured into this and all though again I feel like it does drag on a bit I feel like the other features still made this pretty good. She really seems to use her vocals a lot more in this track then a lot of the others and lyrically seems to be pretty promising. I felt the instrumental and production was ok I guess, bringing up those thoughts in my head of it dragging on for to long but other than that all good]

12. Love Is A Game - 9
[This is a really beautiful song from Adele. I've felt with some of the longer tracks in this project I have felt issues surrounding some of the tracks being dragged on but this one certainly does not do this. It's constantly moving and the production feels so refreshing and again just so beautiful. Lyrically I do feel this was one of the stronger tracks with these vocals being utilised so well and just constantly bringing in these new ideas which doesn't get old]

Average: 7.33
Quick Comment: All though I have rated this album the lowest out of the 3 albums I have rated being "21", "25" and "30" I still see it as the most enjoyable one. In this project initially going into it I was expecting it to be pretty much all ballads and basically the same stuff she has done in her 3 prior records. However it was great to see a large amount of variety in a lot of the tracks that was present, of course there were some tracks that were ballads or pretty close to being them but still majority had there own style. These new styles were executed to strong degree I would say for the majority of the time with some of the production work done in those tracks being probably the best I have heard from her music. In terms of negatives I saw was that I felt like some of the tracks were dragged on a bit and I felt lyrically it was a bit plain as well at times but other than that I can't really complain about much more.

Lyrically in this project like I somewhat mentioned above I saw it as a bit hit and miss. I felt there were some tracks that the lyrics were really refreshing and detailed whilst some overs just seemed a little repetitive and basic. I never had problems around the meaning and how deep the tracks were but I guess I just felt she could have utilised some of her some vocals to make it even feel deeper as well. Going back to what I said about the lyrics being repetitive, I usually found this evident to in mainly some of the longer tracks and ones where I thought the instrumental probably wasn't doing as much as what I would have wanted. Considering I believe she took two years to write this, could be wrong but I am really surprised of how basic some of the lyrics are at times and saw that as a dissapointment. Again like I have said they were never terrible but sometimes very average.

Production wise I was impressed for a lot of the tracks. There were some tracks where I thought the instrumental and production was a bit plain and just lacked a bit of umph I guess but luckily that didn't happen to often. For the most part the style of production and instrumentals used were actually really unique and unexpected. It seemed to be a lot more popy and was more hopeful I guess, not really sure how to describe it, maybe even a more green sound? Idk anyway I really enjoyed the touch of the background vocals at times between Adele and her son, made this project a lot more touching and created this deeper feeling that you can potentially relate to depending on your situation but you can feel what she is going through to a deeper level. Finally with these new styles each track seemed to have it's own adventure in terms of style and just made the majority of the tracks so refreshing and exciting to hear.

Overall this project from Adele was a positive and if you haven't given it a listen yet I would definitely recommend. If you have listened to Adele's music before this actually has a different approach so I'd give it a go :)
Nov 20, 2021
I Drink Wine is the highlight of this thing!! Gospel vibes go well with Adele
Nov 20, 2021
@5jw It's not bad but I just feel a few of the other tracks just felt other tracks were more complete. I will say though that it was the meme lol
Nov 21, 2021
I'm more of a whiskey man myself so "I Drink Wine" couldn't be the highlight for me :D.
Nov 21, 2021
@NoOffenseBut can’t blame you 😂
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