AOTY 2023
Drake - Scorpion
Jun 19, 2022
Favourite: Nice for What
Worst: Ratchet Happy Birthday

Disc 1
1. Survival - 4.5
[I mean it's ok I guess, found it a bit dull though. Didn't have the passion or care levels that I would have hoped for]

2. Nonstop - 5
[I usually like Drake on this type of beat, the chorus was nice but lyrically just thought it could have been better. Production is nice as well. Probably would have given this a better rating if the song wasn't as long as well, just dragged a bit as well I feel]

3. Elevate - 6
[It's not bad, just felt as if it was missing something though]

4. Emotionless - 5
[The production was nice on this, just I reckon lyrically the track got a bit boring after a while, idk if that was because of the lack of energy or just it was too repetitive idk. I do feel as if he does rap on the same note the entire track, which he probably should have shown some versatility in that aspect.]

5. God's Plan - 5
[Like the message and the production on this but I reckon this just feels as if it's once again missing something. Lyrically I don't think it was that great and just didn't hit on me, lack of substance to the song as well]

6. I'm Upset - 3
[Yeh this once again just got dull after a while]

7. 8 Out of 10 - 7
[First track which I reckon was decent, production was nice. I thought this was catchy, lyrically not bad as well]

8. Mob Ties - 6
[I like how this started, but the longer it went on the worst it got]

9. Can't Take a Joke - 7
[Decent track, like the energy on this lyrically not half bad as well]

10. Sandra's Rose - 6
[Yeah, it's alright I suppose]

11. Talk Up - 7
[Love the energy on this, production was pretty good as well, lyrically such a shame.]

12. Is There More - 3
[Yep this was executed so badly. No energy whatsoever, the production work is just terrible and lyrically the worst so far.]


1. Peak - 3
[Yep this sucked, just way to slow and no progression to the song at all]

2. Summer Games - 4
[Yeh lyrically this was just not it. Production and the chorus were nice though]

3. Jaded - 5
[Just got a bit dull after a while but not bad though]

4. Nice for What - 9
[You can't hate this just an absolute classic this. From the sample used to the lyrics everything great]

5. Finesse - 4
[Idk if he was trying to feel hard here or something but yeh just wasn't]

6. Ratchet Happy Birthday - 1
[wow this is terrible just wow. So easily the worst track on the album hahaha. I mean what is the mixing and the production on this hahha. The rating on this could be generous as well]

7. That's How You Feel - 5
[I guess this track is sort of catchy but lyrically this just feels lazy to me. It's just really been a constant theme over the entirety of the project.]

8. Blue Tint - 7
[Not bad, once again quite a catchy track. The production is nice, lyrically not as bad and cringe as usual which is nice. Did feel a little bit repetitive towards the end though. Was future chocking on something? Why did he sound like that lol.]

9. In My Feelings - 5
[Don't even really get the meaning behind this track, idk if I'm just because the amount of times I've heard this already but it doesn't even really sound that great, not that appleasing. Don't even think the production work is that great]

10. Don't Matter to Me - 7
[I wish the production just had a bit more oomph to it, because I like Michael's part and Drake wasn't that bad either. Anyway, the track does provide a nice and chill vibe. Just could have been so much more with better production work]

11. After Dark - 3
[Wow the flow on this was just crap, I liked the originally vibe to this for the best 40secs or so but just the longer this went on the worst it got tbh]

12. Final Fantasy - 4
[I just wish Drake decided to have some energy in his tracks, and a bit of care]

13. March 14 - 4
[Yeh this song represents the whole album.]

Average: 5.02
Quick Comment: This album for me just got more boring the longer it went on, some highlights but overall there were very few tracks I enjoyed, a lot of them were pretty average. The first disc I thought was definitely the strong of the two discs but still wasn't that great. I guess there were a couple of decent tracks on it that I may revisit again after listening to this but a lot of it just was pretty mid. Weren't that many bad tracks off it either, and if they were bad it's just because it got real dull after a while. Listening to the second disc for me it certainly gave me a more frustrated and disappointed feeling. All though probably the best couple tracks were on this disc, the lows of it were really low. Most of it somehow seemed more effortless then the first disc and was a lot slower with very little progression.

Lyrically this was just a let down, there were pretty much no songs over the entire project where I thought in that aspect that it was really strong. There was to many times where tracks just felt as if they were dragged out, pretty much sounds like filler. Drake constantly showed a lack of effort at times, so many lazy bars and even the vocal performance was so luckluster. Espicially for some of the RnB tracks where you need a bit more energy vocally to a song than a Rap song it just sounded boring. It was pretty much singing on the same not the entire time, you need to have some diveristy in that regard.

Production I felt for the most part it was positive. There were a couple times where the mixing was real bad but again didn't think there was much to complain about. I guess as well it got a bit repetitve in sounds at time, but then again that's probably more so the lyrics than production. I felt there was a good variety of beats used in the entire record, samples were really nice as well.

Overall this album ain't that great, defo not listening to this whole thing for a very long time :(

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