Favourite: Chicago Freestyle
Worst: Toosie Slide

1. Deep Pockets - 8
[Like the lyrical purpose behind this, a bit corny at times but defo an enjoyable listen]

2. When to Say When - 7
[Didn't feel that this was that deep or anything. It was like Drake was being pretty brief in what he was saying, just wasn't much of a message, nice production though]

3. Chicago Freestyle - 10
[Absoloute classic, that chorus by Giveon though]

4. Not You Too - 5
[Just found it to be a bit too long and got boring after a while]

5. Toosie Slide - 0
[No part of this is slightly appealing]

6. Desires - 5
[I mean it's ok I guess, feels a bit basic at times and a bit cringe at times, the chorus is nice though]

7. Time Flies - 8
[Lyrically it's not amazing or anything but with the production, it just creates something really nice to vibe to.]

8. Landed - 5
[Yeh don't really know what this is]

9. D4L Freestyle - 8
[Really fun and catchy song]

10. Pain 1993 - 7
[There is no way Carti is older than 5]

11. Losses - 6
[Not to bad I guess]

12. From Florida With Love - 5
[Probably will forget that I have ever listned to this in about 5mins]

13. Demons - 4
[ugh couldn't really care for this]

14. War - 4
[Mans really failing real bad to be hard]

Average: 5.857
Quick Comment: After listening to this album, it sounded better than what I thought. Really other than a few songs most of the songs I didn't actually mind. Toosie Slide and the ending of the album really sucked but the rest of it, I thought there were quite a fair few bangers. Chicago Freestyle, Time Flies and a few others were really good, all focusing on Drake's strengths of his hardcore straight rapping ability, with nice RnB sort of catchy hooks. However those were the only positives I found in this listen. I think the structure of the mixtape was really crap, it felt kind of messy and just random at times. I get this is his Demo tapes and that but I really hope this guy doesn't ever focus on drill, because it was pretty dull and just was filled with laziness and cringey bars. Drake on several tracks had such cringey tracks, I would say on almost all of them there was some cringe bars. Similar, the features I thought were a bit disappoint other than the ones on Chicago Freestyles or D4L, just were really poor verses.

Overall, other than a few highlight tracks it was pretty dull project :(

Track Ratings
1Deep Pockets / 80
2When To Say When / 70
3Chicago Freestyle / 100
4Not You Too / 50
5Toosie Slide / 0
6Desires / 50
7Time Flies / 60
9D4L / 80
10Pain 1993 / 60
11Losses / 60
12From Florida With Love / 50
13Demons / 40
14War / 40
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