Oct 4, 2022
Favourite: I Did It
Worst: Big Paper

1. Thankful - 2
[Just one very loud and messy bunch of crap. I mean it just sounded as if DJ Khaled was dared to make this in about 15mins honestly.]

2. Every Chance I Get - 7.5
[I don't care what yo say this is catchy af]

3. Big Paper - 0
[OMG WHAT IS THE MIXING MY GOD. This is hysterical hahah, can I give a minus track rating on this? Is that possible. I mean I was just thinking on Spotify why the streams were so low on this, now I know why. If there is a song worse than this on the album god help me.]

4. We Going Crazy - 3
[Still trying to comrephend this song. I sort of like the direction of this but the finished product of this, was a bit shit I reckon]

5. I Did It - 8
[People probably going to disagree with me for the most part but I just found this a really fun catchy track. Posty on the hook was nice, Lil Baby's flow was so good, everything was ok I guess but I liked the purpose behind it as well]

6. Let It Go - 1
[Forgot about as soon as the song ended, honestly already forgot 21's verse, sort of remember the chorus thats it.]

7. Body In Motion - 2
[Production sucks, I like the Chorus from Bryson but everything else is just not terribly positive tbh. I mean this was just so painful that this was 5mins.]

8. Popstar - 4
[Honestly, surprised that this went that big just don't find it that catchy at all. I mean the verses ain't great either from Drake just so mid]

9. This Is My Year - 2
[I like the passion from Diddy, so sad that he did this for a Khaled song though lmao]

10. Sorry Not Sorry - 4
[Imagine having Nas and Jay-Z on a song and you still somehow make it sound crap]

11. Just Be - 2
[I sort of want to fall asleep after this wow, this is just so boring and slow]

12. I Can Have It All - 5
[Actually not half bad tbf, just really bland though]

13. Greece - 6
[I must be the only person who doesn't mind Drake on this lol. I don't mind the production behind, it just creates this whole nice chill sort of vibe.]

14. Where I Come From - 2
[Why does Khaled constantly keep putting these guys on his album, it's just so random]

Average: 3.46
Quick Comment: Yep this was a DJ Khaled album at it's finest. Basically the typical album experience where he gets the whole hip hop industry on it then churns out a couple decent tracks then the rest just sound like absolute crap. I mean it truly is just quite remarkable that you can have the features on this and create what he creates. Like is there anyone around him that tells him that this is dog crap or is it just his big ass ego thinking everything he does is just the best thing since slicing bread because he gets attention.

There are so many tracks on this where I'm just thinking there can't be anyone listening to this, I mean seriously who on their right mind is vibing to "BIG PAPER". I reckon there are some songs like that where it's just like I'll take the Cardi B verse and do some production work through Garage Band and I genuinely think with some time and attention I can tune something better out than what he does. Not even taking the piss seriously. Just the production of this entire project I found to be kind of strange, I mean at times I thought he did a decent job on it, but just the majority of the time I was just confused, so terrible. I couldn't really tell the direction of the production for the most part just completely over the shop. Lyrically, I mean over a couple of good verses, it was a load of crap. I will say I thought a lot of the choruses were decentish but just the lyrics and the combinations between the different artists were just not it.

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