Mitski - Laurel Hell
Feb 4, 2022
Favourite: Valentine, Texas
Worst: Everyone

1. Valentine, Texas - 10
2. Working for the Knife - 9
3. Stay Soft - 8
4. Everyone - 7
5. Heat Lightning - 7
6. The Only Heartbreaker - 9
7. Love Me More - 9
8. There's Nothing Left Here for You - 8
9. Should've Been Me - 8
10. I Guess - 7
11. That's Our Lamp - 7

Average: 8.09
Quick Comment: Wow what a start. Another solid record by Mitski displaying great amounts of diversity between all of her song creating an overall refreshing and beautiful experience. Going back to that first track for me was clearly the highlight and considering it was the first single I've listened to her in probably a year or so. For me all though I haven't listened to a whole lot of her music I don't feel as if there would be much better than the first track. Anyway the rest of the project was too a high standard. The different styles between each track especially the difference between the tracks from the first half to the second was quite different and all not perfect it kept me interested. Lyrically I felt It was a positive at the most part at times I guess it felt a little sticky in terms of movement but then again that can be part of the fault of the production side of things at times, anyway other than that I'd give that aspect a thumbs up.

The lyrics felt really gentle and delicate throughout the entire project, reminds me a bit of "Lana Del Ray" I guess even vocally but yeh for the most part lyrics were unique and seemed as if there were a few lyrics that had so many meanings behind them, probably missed a lot but love the attention and care put into each song in that regard.

Production I kind of already scattered over but for the most part it was positive, like I said a bit earlier it could have been more progressive at times with songs more particular in the later stages of the project feeling slightly dull but then again that could be a bit harsh. As well as this at times the production tbf was pretty damn good. Overall really solid album :)

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