Nigo - I know NIGO!
May 9, 2022
Favourite: Come On, Let's Go
Worst: Paper Plates

1. Lost and Found Freestyle 2019 - 8
[Really nice track this, very good way to set up the album]

2. Arya - 7
[Nice track, pretty catch I like the production work on this]

3. Punch Bowl - 8
[Decent track, once again really like the different production styles used on this track, not something I'm used to on a Pusha track]

4. Functional Addict - 4
[What on earth is Gunna doing lol]

5. Want It Bad - 4
[Man did the complete opposite of what you should do to a Kid Cudi feature]

6. Morë Tonight - 3
[This be the most random feature I've ever seen]

7. Paper Plates - 1
[Omg this has to be the worst production I've heard on a track this year, wow that was so awful. What was the chorus as well buv]

8. Hear Me Clearly - 9
[Pusha never misses what can I say]

9. Remember - 6
[Not bad I guess, kind of wasted a Pop Smoke feature though]

10. Heavy - 6
[I really like the idea of the concept behind this, just wasn't executed well enough]

11. Come On, Let's Go - 10
[Best rap song of the year so far don't @me (as writing this Kendrick dropped nevermind lol)]

Average: 6
Quick Comment: How does this album have the best rap song of the year and the worst, what on earth. For me, this album was a bit of a mixed bag. Based off the first three tracks I thought you lot were smoking something having this average album score at 59 but listening to the new few tracks I could see why lol. Although this album is pretty average I really liked the ideas that "Nigo" was going for in this Album. It seemed to me he was trying to make this fun unique album, featuring artists rapping behind instrumentals that you typically don't hear with their other music. For example "Lil Uzi Vert" having a drill instrumental behind him instead. I guess though doing a concept like this you'd expect a lot of hit and miss considering these artists aren't going to mix as well with these different beats like "A$AP Ferg" very cleary getting screwed over there by Pharrell lol. Then artists like Pusha T with that more up tempo production I can see really suits him.

Overall, I'd definitely recommend this to a rap listener trying to give something refreshing a go :)

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