Logic - Vinyl Days
Jun 17, 2022
Favourite: Orville (feat. Like, Blu & Exile)
Worst: Nardwuar (feat. Doc D)

1. Danger - [Not Included]
[Yeh Morgan, Logic isn't the goat]

2. Tetris - 8
[Not too bad, really like the transition between tracks]

3. In My Lifetime (feat. Action Bronson) - 9
[This song really rewinds to the times, the Big Pun sample and the style sound like something from about 30 years ago]

4. Decades - 9
[I really like the message behind the track, simples message and the production work is just elite]

5. JJ Abrahams (Skit) - [Not Included}

[I swear this had some J Dilla sample on this, I like this diss, probably somewhat aimed at me lol]

7. Quasi - 10
[Once again this production work is just elite, the constant switch-ups and lyrically it's brilliant. I never really thought songs this short could hit this hard]

8. Bleed It - 10
[damn, the energy on this track is so good. The faith and the influence that God has had on him from a young age is really interesting, talking about how much he struggled when he was younger and how God has helped given that relief]

9. LaDonda - 9
[Lol Fantano was referenced this, can't wait to see him react to this. I mean the whole song is about him tf]

10. Aaron Judge (Skit) - [Not Included]

11. Clouds (feat. Langston Bristol & Curren&y) - 10
[Got a sort of RnB type of beat to this, makes a really refreshing sound and refreshing feeling. Incredibly catchy as well, features smashed it, great additions]

12. Michael Rap (Skit) - [Not Included]

13. Therapy Music (feat. Russ) - 10
[Both Russ and Logic killed this, a fantastic track]

14. Tony Revolori (Skit) - [Not Included]

15. Rogue One - 8
[Pretty decent I suppose]

16. Breath Control (feat. Wiz Khalifa) - 10
[For once Wiz doesn't sound like he has smoked about 12 packets of cigarettes before going into doing a verse. It was actually pretty damn solid lol.]

17. NEMS (Skit) - [Not Included]

18. Nardwuar (feat. Doc D) - 7.5
[Never thought I'd hear a song about him lol. The song did feel a bit short though]

19. KickStyle (feat. iamJMARS, Big Lenbo, & C Dot Castro) - 9
[Features pretty good, love the production work, can't hate much about this]

20. EarlyBird (Skit) - [Not Included]

21. Ten Years (feat. Royce da 5’9”) - 10
[Far out this flow on this is just amazing, some of the bars are just insane how good they are. God damn logic please continue to act like you were making tunes in the 90s]

22. Porta One (feat. RZA) - 9
[Don't know what to say at this point, I mean it's good to hear RZA for the first time in a while]

23. NeedleDrop (Skit) - [Not Included]
[My guy won't shut up about Fantano lol]

24. Introducing Nezi (feat. Nezi Momodu) - 9
[My guy loves J Dilla, must have been the 10th track with his intro. Did the read the title wrong at first though, was thinking the track was kind of sus ngl]

25. Orville (feat. Like, Blu & Exile) - 10
[Really chill this, just hits so hard, and features insane. For me easily the best track on the album so far]

26. Carnival (feat. AZ) - 9
[Once again don't know what to say, it's pretty damn good]

27. Lena’s Insight (Skit) - [Not Included]

28. Vinyl Days (feat. DJ Premier) - 10
[Yeh DJ Premier was on this, was certainly not a let down]

29. I Guess I Love It (feat. The Game) - 9
[Love the emotion poured into this by Game, his verse was so good. Logic was also quite nice. The beat switch-up was great, with these really nice vocals, would have been a great track to end on]

30. Sayonara - 10
[Yeh would have been shaken if a 10min rap song would have sucked. Really good track to end on, would have loved some sort of Rnb vocals at some point from someone, I think would have added a lot but complain this was really good]

Average: 9.21
Quick Comment: Yeh Logic did not disappoint on this. Hearing Logic was dropping this and even before listening to that first track, based on his last mixtape dropping in 2020 I think... I would have assumed this wouldn't be that great. Damn was I wrong, this album was brilliant. From everything I've ever heard from Logic for me this is his best album, he'd be doing pretty good to top it as well.

This album gave me rap vibes from like the late 90s to maybe early 00s vibes in terms of production work. You can really hear the J Dilla influence on most tracks. I guess firstly with the into on every track lol sounds like Dilla but the switch up and the style really throws it back. The instrumental on pretty much every track was completely different, really suiting every feature or every Logic Verse so good. The diversity of beats if it was your standard sort of beat, chill or hype with great use in the variety of instruments used. Even to keep me engaged as well for 30 tracks, I thought this was really good.

Lyrically for me, it was so good in this project. The flows and just pretty much every verse were just on point, every track I was almost shocked Logic could do it as consistently as he has done on this. I mean half of these songs were about 2mins long, sometimes even shorter and when most artists with that amount of time I have the feeling of it wasn't long enough and was cut short but Logic got his whole message out so quickly in such a positive way. The features I thought were really good as well, a lot of them I feel haven't really gotten any mainstream attention so far, but really good to hear them on this project and get their name out. Even the features that are big in the mainstream probably did better than Logic for the most part, and that's saying something. The emotion that some of the features added to this was so good. As well the confidence that Logic had displayed through I guess his transformation I suppose was nice. Every chorus hit hard, except for a couple actually but still for the most part it was incredibly catchy, even hearing him actually singing at times was surprisingly good as well lol.

Overall, This year Logic dropped a better album than Kendrick did, never thought I'd say that :)

I know this is not what you're implying, but I find it really funny that the moment Logic stops copying from Kendrick (aka this album) many start saying this is better than Kendrick's.
@naokaia yeh spot on hahha
@naokaia that's actually a pretty interesting take
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