Pusha T - It's Almost Dry
Apr 22, 2022
Favourite: Neck & Wrist (feat. JAY-Z & Pharrell)
Worst: Call My Bluff

1. Brambleton - 9
[Straight flames]

2. Let the Smokers Shine the Coupes - 8.5
[Honestly don't get how this guy makes so many songs about drugs, how does this man always do quality material with this stuff]

3. Dreamin Of The Past (feat. Kanye West) - 8
[Wasn't much of Kanye feature vocally lol, still a decent track though]

4. Neck & Wrist (feat. JAY-Z & Pharrell) - 10
[The Pharrell production, the Jay feature makes a man smile]

5. Just So You Remember - 7.5
[Still decent just didn't feel it as much as the other so far]

6. Diet Coke - 10
[Best music video of all time don't argue with me]

7. Rock N Roll (feat. Kid Cudi & Kanye West) - 8
[Was looking at this track before listening to the whole thing and was looking at this with the most excitement. Lyrically I don't feel it's Pusha's greatest but still pretty good, Kanye's verse could have been better as well]

8. Call My Bluff - 7
[It's not bad I guess]

9. Scrape It Off The Top (feat. Don Toliver & Lil Uzi Vert) - 7.5
[Like the chorus from Don but everything else was kinda mid]

10. Hear Me Clearly - 9
[Pretty damn good lyrically what can I say]

11. Open Air - 8
[Really nice lyrically don't know what else to say lol]

12. I Can Pray For You (feat. No Malice & Labrinth) - 9
[Great end to the Album]

Average: 8.45
Quick Comment: As expected a fantastic album by Pusha T. I still don't get how this guy can keep talking about Coke and not run out of material lol. Coming into listening to this project, I expected it to be worse a little worse than Daytona which it is, with a few tracks lacking a bit but for the most part every track is pretty good.

Lyrically Pusha smashed this. Towards the end of the project, like halfway to around the end, you can tell Pusha was starting to fall away a bit but can't really complain. Some of the lines he used (pun intended) were mind-blowing at times and had to actually look some of them up because it was just that good lol. In terms of features, I felt as if they were mainly positive, JAY-Z probably had the best one and maybe Kanye had the worst idk wasn't that bad anyway. Every feature seemed like they added something to the track and were quite important.

Production-wise just fantastic. No surprises here that Pharrell and Kanye just smash it, some of the best producers over the last decade or so were just never going to have a stinker were they. Every song felt refreshing if that was the type of beats used or the samples. All so unique as well :)

Overall if you're a fan of rap give this record a listen, because it's pretty damn good :)

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