The Chainsmokers - So Far So Good
May 13, 2022
Favourite: Riptide
Worst: Maradona

1. Riptide - 4
[Pretty catchy song, something you bop your head to but I mean that production work is just awful, everything other than the chorus is just pretty terrible]

2. High - 1
[This is going to be a long listen]

3. iPad - 1
[Far out, you'd think over the years there would be some sort of progression]

4. Maradona - 0
[Based on the title I had a bit of hop, instead, they seemed to disrespect Maradona thank you Chainsmokers :)]

5. Solo Mission - 1
[Please you are only somewhat tolerable with features, you'd think they'd realise that having vocals matters in a pop/ electronic song]

6. Something Different - 2
[The most forgettable song on the album so far and that's saying something]

7. I Love U - 2
[I don't :)]

8. If You're Serious - 2
[Just had a look, the Chainsmokers have 9 followers on this site somehow? How? How? How? Just why people]

9. Channel 1 - 1
[Sorry what is that chorus bruv? Mans sounding like a robot, instrumental for part of it wasn't actually god awful for once as well]

10. Testing - 3
[t least t it didn't sound like something I've heard about 100 times before]

11. In Too Deep - 3
[at least it was listenable]

12. I hope you change your mind - 3
[two listenable songs in a row that’s a first]

13. Cyanide - 2
[The one thing the chain smokers were supposed to be eh at was the chorus and they failed that lol

Average: 1.69
Quick Comment: omg what a shock "The Chainsmokers" deliver a pile of crap. Just an album that you would typically expect, with verses that are just terrible, the occasional catchy hook and bad production. I'm not going to write a long review here because I mean there is nothing really knew to learn about the chainsmokers here except finally their songs aren't blowing up anymore (thank god). Anyway, you'd think over time both of them would realise that they desperately need features but nope apparently they haven't listened to anybody. I feel as if the comments on the tracks are enough of summary that I just give up and can't be bothered with The Chainsmokers anymore :)

Overall, Don't waste your time listening to this :)

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