Kendrick Lamar - Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers
May 13, 2022 (updated May 13, 2022)
Favourite: Auntie Diaries
Worst: We Cry Together

1. United in Grief - 10
[Lyrically just fantastic, production so unique and creates this wonderful experience. You can hear the emotion in his voice and the Piano at the end sets up for an insane album]

2. N95 - 9
[Damn this hits really hard, funny chorus sounds kind of like Baby Keem lol. Lyrically though this is great though]

3. Worldwide Steppers. - 10
[Really enjoy the storytelling on this, Kendrick you can hear goes really deep on this. The production helps set up the storytelling, creating this instrumental that constantly seems like evolving on some sort of ride]

4. Die Hard - 9
[Features were definitely necessary here, making this really refreshing sound. The purpose of his track I would believe focuses on him as a parent and as a husband, again the emotion and the passion he has towards this is really nice to hear]

5. Father Time (feat. Sampha) - 9
[I probably need to listen to this again but I believe Kendrick is talking about the role of his father in where his life is now, some of the examples used in comparisons I found quite interesting]

6. Rich - Interlude - [Not Included]
[Didn't think I'd hear Kodak Black speaking for Kendrick today but hey, here we are]

7. Rich Spirit - 8.5
[Kendrick's vocals are really good here, and from memory, I can't really remember sounding so vulnerable vocally before. Really chill track though with nice production work, and an overall nice soft track displaying Kendrick's current mindset]

8. We Cry Together - 7
[Yep something I will never be playing in my car with my parents.]

9. Purple Hearts - 9
[First time I've heard Ghostface in a while, and comes back with a really emotional verse that ngl almost made me cry :)]


10. Count Me Out - 9
[I've already spoken about this but it's really nice to hear the vocals that Kendrick has been working on, honestly probably the best vocally I've heard him. The vocals almost tell a story itself sounding as if his confidence is disappearing, and he is struggling in general]

11. Crown - 8
[Within the lyrics you can hear his maturity through his wanting to help all his loved ones, the hook also hits hard]

12. Silent Hill - 8
[Kendrick acting as Baby Keem has returned. One of the best Kodak verses I've heard though. The last few lines of the song actually seem to summarise the whole album really]

13. Savior (Interlude) - [Not Included]
[Of course, that last line of how this ends "Baby Keem is too wow" lol, seriously though this was really nice though that production was peak though]

14. Savior - 9
[Kendrick vocally seems to do the opposite of what he has focused on this album so far, sounding more confident in what he is saying and making some really interesting points.

15. Auntie Diaries - 10
[It really interesting to hear the transformation of his Auntie and how that has had an impact on his family, through the perspective of Kendrick]

16. Mr. Morale - 9
[Really interesting here talking about a lot of the influences in his life, with examples such as Martin Luther King displaying also impacts on society over the decades]

17. Mother I Sober - 10
[I reckon this could be one of Kendricks's best songs, the story and again I'm probably repeating myself but just the emotion that is poured into this omg. This track is just like watching a movie or something I swear]

18. Mirror - 9
[Really nice track to rap up the album :)]

Average: 8.969
Quick Comment: The album cover for me summarises the album pretty well. Album covers aren't usually something I care that much for, but what I believe it symbolises is shown through this album. The album seemed to be based around Kendrick going into the next stage of his life as a father and a more mature person, the struggles and experiences his family has had over the years, particularly the time between which he has released his projects.

In this Kendrick seems to act more vulnerable in the messages he is speaking to through mainly the changes of his vocals from previous records and I feel the production has developed. You could hear the pain in his voice, constantly giving me shivers and honestly an hour after listening to this album I am just still shaking from it. I feel before not in a bad way you can see how it could appeal to the mass appeal in terms of charting and streams, but in this album in the production, you can really tell he couldn't care much for streams or anything. The production almost within each track sounded completely different and just so unique, usually, it was so soft never overpowering over the vocals and seemed to have a lot of movement and a strong purpose. Lyrically this was just brilliant. There were very few times where I ever found it lacking whatsoever and I feel that a lot of rappers should have a look at this album as to how rap should be made in the future. The features, I thought all of them were quite positive, all adding towards the track making it better.

You must give this an album a listen when you can, because I can tell you it's like watching an incredible movie :)

yeaaaah n95 remembered me baby keem a lot
die hard 10??? not a bad song but sounds like a bland track from black panther soundtrack
@MeatCloset I'll probably change the track ratings over time, just still not over the fact that Kendrick dropped today :). Most ratings will drop in an hour or so
we hi
Auntie Diaries is truly the most powerful moment, the strings only help to increase the beauty of it!
@JJXiu man it's just insane how good it is, really adds to a new perspective
Really like your takes on the tracks, was interesting reading the live updates
@Blyizz lol, yeah cheers I think for some of the bigger albums I'll do stuff like this seeming that people enjoy that :)
@CamLikesMusic for sure! that’d be sick
i loved we cry together. i laughed but i still love it lmao
@slurredprey I just couldn’t take it after a whole hahah
We cry together deserved better!
@Yea it was way too stressful for me man 😭
We cry together deserved better,yes it's a bit dark but also funny.I did play it for my mom tho
“Quick” comment
@hexx how did your mum react?
@unoriginal yeh they aren’t quick comments lol
@Ashley6669 Auntie Diaries doesn't really freak me out like was, We Cry together does lol. It's more like an argument, with that I don't think the replayability on the track is great with that. Auntie Diaries doesn't sound like Kendrick could kill someone lol, and definitley a song more suited in a car than We Cry Together
great review, so accurate! all of these ratings fit perfectly.
@acktin Thanks man!
@CamLikesMusic said it toxic and if I actually like it then I got issues
its baby keem is too wild not wow😭
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