Liz Bordeaux - :)
May 11, 2022
Favourite: Paranoia
Worst: nature

1. carousel - 6
[Not too bad or anything just felt for how long this track is, it was a bit repetitive and the added sounds that came at the end needed to be used earlier for me]

2. asylum - 8
[Like I mentioned when this was released, a nice track, something easy to chill to in the background]

3. charli - 7
[Enjoyed the beginning of this track and the large variety of instruments used just feel as if I need a bit more though]

4. nature - 3
[Around that minute part it sounded like it was building up to be this huge crescendo with this really colourful sounds were about to drop, sort of dreamy but then to go very quiet again or basically to nothing I found pretty disappointing. The rest of the track I just felt as if it had no movement or purpose to it, lacking a sort of energy]

5. tonka - 7
[It's decent I guess, again something you can have in the background for a chill sort of vibe]

6. Paranoia - 9
[Yeh really nice track to finish the EP off]

Average: 6.667
Quick Comment: Not too bad of a listen here, defo something I will come back to again at some point in time. I found a few positives and negatives that may help in producing the next project. In terms of positives, I really think this is an easy listen if you are there just to chill out or for a vibe then this isn't too bad. I liked the addition of some of the sounds that I haven't heard before, creating a more complex sound such as the drums and I believe there were some new electronic sounds. In terms of negatives, I feel as if I have talked about them in the track reactions but I do feel there needs to be a more complex sound. Just for me at times it just feels too simple with a lack of movement at times, so if there could be a bit more detail in each track then that would be a great success for your next project :)

Overall, If you haven't given Liz a go yet, If you're looking for more of a chill listen then I'd recommend this EP :)

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asylum wasnt meant for background music ISGEVVEJEUD5E. Love this review tho
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Liz Bordeaux - asylum
May 8, 2022
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