Drake -  Honestly, Nevermind
Jun 17, 2022
Favourite: Jimmy Cooks
Worst: Liability

1. Intro - [Not Included]

2. Falling Back - 1
[Wtf are those vocals are my guy, I can't get over how bad it is just wow. As an opening track, this is pretty god damn awful. I mean the vocals, and production work isn't too bad, lyrics are just all terrible and how the heck did this last 4mins]

3. Texts Go Green - 3
[This production work isn't too bad at the beginning, but at times with the mixing of the vocals I mean it's really just incredible that this has had the career he has had with such amateur mistakes. Lyrically it's a bit better I'd say but I mean it does seem as if he trying really hard to try and stretch this to 5mins.]

4. Currents - 2
[Once again, I mean what the hell at times are those damn vocals. Also, believe it or not, a "squicky" bed does not and will never sound good.

5. A Keeper - 3
[It's not good, but don't really know what to think of it I guess]

6. Calling My Name - 4
[I mean I felt the production was quite nice towards the end but for god's sake the guy ruins it with a cringe "YoUr PuSsY iS CaLlInG mY nAmE"]

7. Sticky - 7
[I mean lyrically it was sort of sloppy at times, but tbf this actually isn't that bad. The switch-up in beats I felt was nice and refreshing, yeah just overall it ain't bad]

8. Massive - 4
[Wow this mixing is just awful, back to the garbage I see then. I mean again whatever that "hu" or "beep" sound is just not appealing to the ears. It just sounds really damn cheap, you'd think at this point of Drake's career you'd have a sort of decent sound beat. Lyrically this ain't great either tbh, just never going to listen to this again]

9. Flight's Booked - 4
[These beats are going to kill me by the end of this record]

10. Overdrive - 5
[Can't believe this is the second-best song so far wow just WOW]

11. Down Hill - 3
[Drake is the definition of "Going Down Hill"]

12 Tie That Bind - 2
[I'm crying what on earth is he strumming, this has to be a joke or something, what on earth. I can't believe what I'm hearing this. Lyrically it is just terrible, like really bad and STOP IT WITH THE FRICKIN VOCALS.

13. Liability - 0
[Well the production work done on those vocals was just terrible, don't get the point of putting the reverb on Drake's voice here. I mean lyrically this could be the worst so far, once again like this album is a bag of crap. I mean who the hell is the producer on this damn it.]

14. Jimmy Cooks - 7
[Wtf this is actually decent, a bit of a bop. Like literally the only song on this entire project that sounds finished and somewhat normal.]

Average: 2.64
Quick Comment: Why the hell did Drake feel as if he needed to drop today. Not even a year after his last project CLB which by the average user rating was seen as a miss, he feels the need to drop today. Going into this I had a pretty strong feeling that this would be his worst project, just for the fact that it seems as if he has given himself very little time to make this and you can definitely hear that as well. It sounds so unfinished I can't even begin where to start. I mean I still can't believe the career this guy has had and he drops something like this, I mean it's just absolute garbage just why did he drop this.

Production on this album was just a bag of crap. Probably a couple of tracks where it was listenable but other than that it was just so questionable and cringe. From using bed squeaks as a base for a whole song to the mixing of basically every song I don't think it could get worse. I mean it's just stunning for me that this actually passed. Whilst writing this review I was listening to one of his older albums and it's actually just sad how far he has fallen. CLB actually doesn't sound half bad because of this now. Anyway the production work also just sounded incredibly generic, generic could be generous idk it was the producer who failed to even make a generic beat tf.

Lyrically this whole thing was a mess just such a joke. I feel if this someone not at the stage of drake in terms of experience or maybe age, like someone in their teens I'd probably accept it a bit more but anyway it was just a bag of crap. There were a couple of times where I was like "hey this ain't half bad" but for the most part it was pure cringe. I don't even see how this can even be that commercially successful, at this stage I'm actually having thoughts if Drake is trying to ruin himself in the mainstream, like honestly there can't be anyone who listens to these lyrics and vibes with this.

This album overall was no surprise to me as bad as it was, just don't get the point of dropping this? What does the guy actually gain from this. If anything this will tarnish him more in the future :(

This seems like a side project and nothing more
@Epic_Karl_Gamer yeh pretty much, kind of sus how it dropped 9 months after CLB though…
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